December 3/4 The Pentecost Feast
December 3/4 The Pentecost Feast

Dec 3/4 The Pentecost Feast

December 3/4 The Pentecost Feast



We look forward to welcoming many new people and visitors to Ada Bible Church for our Christmas services. We have many places to serve for Christmas Services. This is a great place for your small group, family, co-workers or just you to help others feel welcomed at Christmas services. Sign up here.


This month we’re focusing on the value of Relational Investments. December is a great opportunity for spiritual conversations and to invite someone to join you at church. Discuss who in your social circles you’d like to invite to church this month. Commit to praying for those people.


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Welcome to the third week of our series, INVITATION TO THE FEASTThis week, we discuss Pentecost and how God desires to shape his people’s hearts toward him.

What is a favorite celebration you’ve been part of?

Have someone read Deuteronomy 16:9-12 out loud. What stands out to you about these instructions?



The Israelites depended on a healthy harvest to survive the following year. Their land didn’t have significant rivers or lakes for irrigation, and they relied on God for rain to grow their crops. How do you think they felt when it seemed like their crops didn’t have enough rain?

The dependence on rain was supposed to turn their hearts to God. Unfortunately, the Israelites consistently turned to idols for help. What are some things people turn to today during a season of waiting rather than God?

God designed this festival to shape their hearts to trust him in the waiting. What can we do to keep our hearts turned to God in seasons of waiting?



Part of the Feast of Pentecost involved generosity. What instruction does God give about their gifts in Deuteronomy 16:10?

Who does God tell the people to include in their celebration in Deuteronomy 16:11, and what does this reveal about God’s heart?

What are some ways we (personally and as a group) can not only help but develop relationships with those who might be outsiders or do not have strong circles of support?



The Feast of Pentecost reminded the Israelites of their history with God. It pointed to when God gave Israel the law. Have someone read Exodus 19:16-18. What do you think it would’ve been like to experience that?

God begins a new relationship with the Israelites, calling them out of slavery and idol worship to shape them into people who know and reflect him to the world. How would following the law help the world see what God is like?

We have an opportunity to show God to the world around us too. How can choosing to follow Jesus and obey his teachings show God to the world around us?



After Jesus’s death, resurrection and ascension to heaven, he assigns new meaning to the Feast of Pentecost. Have someone read Acts 2:1-4. What happened on Pentecost, and how does it mirror the descriptions of God’s presence in Exodus 19:16-18?

One of the roles of the Holy Spirit is to empower believers to obey God’s Word so we can more and more reflect God’s character. How have you seen the Spirit helping you grow in following God’s Word over time?

How can you create space to allow the Spirit to guide and shape you to become more like Jesus?



Today we discussed four elements related to the feast of Pentecost in the Bible. Which one stood out to you, and how could it impact your life this week?