December 2/3 Life in the Early Church
December 2/3 Life in the Early Church

December 2/3 Life in the Early Church

December 2/3 Life in the Early Church



Ever feel anxious or tongue-tied about sharing your faith with others? Join us at the Kentwood Campus to learn some simple tools that equip and encourage you to share the Good News of Jesus in our communities. SHARING YOUR FAITH is Thursday, December 7 from 7-8:30 PM at the Kentwood Campus. More information is available at > info & events.


This December, we are focusing on the value of providing a SAFE ENVIRONMENT. We want group members to feel welcome and open to talk about life, faith and struggles. One of the ways to foster a safe environment is to encourage members to open up, especially those who might struggle to do so. Take time this week to affirm any member (who might usually struggle) when they share.


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PLEASE NOTE There will be no Sermon Discussion Guide December 16/17 and 23/24. It will resume for our new 2-week series starting Dec 30/31. We hope you find creative ways to celebrate with, encourage and pray for each other.


Welcome to the third week of our series, Tandem. This week, we consider four key commitments of the early church.

What was a highlight of your past week?



Have someone read Acts 2:42-47 aloud.

What stands out to you most in this story?

Reflect on the phrase “glad and generous hearts” in Acts 2:46. How does a joyful and generous spirit impact the witness of the Christian community to the outside world?

Acts 2:47 notes that “the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.” Based on the previous verses, what do you think it was about this early church community that God used to draw people to salvation?



Pastor Aaron talked about four key commitments of the early church. As a group, name his main points.

Which part of the sermon encouraged or challenged you the most, and why?

The early believers devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching. What are some ways people can devote themselves to solid, biblical teaching today?

Fellowship, or shared life, among believers, is highlighted as one of the activities of the early Christians. Why can this be challenging for us to live out today?

How have you seen or experienced genuine fellowship contributing to the life of a Christian community?

Acts 2:44 states that the believers had all things in common. What does this reveal about the spirit of generosity and selflessness in the early Christian community?

Do any stories of people you know who live abundantly generous lives come to mind? What impresses you about them?

When opportunities arise, do you find explaining the gospel to others easy or challenging? What could help equip you to testify better and witness?

Which of the four commitments discussed in this week’s sermon—teaching, fellowship, meeting needs, and testifying—do you need to grow in the most? Why?

Is there anything else about the sermon you wanted to talk about?



Today, we talked about four key commitments of the early church. What is your biggest takeaway from our discussion today?

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