Dec 5/6 The Radical Way
Dec 5/6 The Radical Way

Dec 5/6 The Radical Way

Dec 5/6 The Radical Way



Stressful situations are having a negative impact on many marriages—and that’s just not God’s plan. Whether your marriage is struggling or not, visit for marriage resources and to watch The Company of Christ: Bonus Content on Marriage video with Pastor Jeff Manion.


Inviting someone to join you for Christmas services at Ada Bible might look different this year, but it’s still an excellent opportunity to invite others to watch online too. Discuss with your group how you can creatively invite others to church this Christmas season.


The Small Group Leader Facebook page connects you with other Ada Bible small group leaders. It’s a great place to ask questions, pick up tips and find some encouragement. If you haven’t joined already, join here. If you have joined, be sure to pin the group to the top of your Facebook feed not to miss anything.


This week we continue in our fall series The Company of Christ with a message by Pastor Jeff Manion. We look at three invitations to the cross-shaped life.

What’s your favorite Christmas cookie?

Open your journal to pages 89-90, and take turns reading through Mark 10:1-31. What stands out to you?



Jesus isn’t trying to address every complicated marriage situation but instead responds to the Pharisees’ hard hearts and their treachery. He talks about marriage before brokenness and selfishness entered the world. He says the plan was for two to become one. The cruciform life requires humility and sacrifice. How would humility and sacrifice lead to oneness in marriage (and also bring value to other relationships)?

The cruciform life often unleashes God’s resurrection life. How have you experienced humility and sacrifice leading to life in marriage (or other relationships)?


In Mark 9, Jesus told the disciples to welcome people with a status like children. Now he tells them they need to become like a child to receive the kingdom. Entering the kingdom means leaving your resumé behind. What do you think it means to leave your resumé behind to enter the kingdom of God?

A cruciform status is allowing the humility and sacrifice of the cross to shape our status. It realizes it doesn’t matter what we have or haven’t accomplished—the kingdom isn’t about earning or deserving it. How can we put in the effort required to live a cruciform life without beginning to feel like we’ve earned or deserve our status with God?


A man runs to Jesus wanting real life. Mark tells us Jesus looks at the guy and loves him. He knows there’s one thing the man has to do if he really wants to follow him, so he asks him to get rid of his stuff. How do you think Jesus’ love for the guy and his request for him to sell everything are related?

A cruciform identity is a life shaped by what Jesus does on the cross, not something that we think makes us special. It isn’t about our wealth, beauty, influence or personality. How would you fill in the blank, “Because I have ____________, I’m enough.”?

We can’t live a cruciform life on our own. Jesus says it is impossible. It’s only possible with God’s help. What are some ways God has helped you grow and shaped your life over the past year?


This week we talked about three implications of a cruciform life. Turn to page 92 in your journal. Does anyone have anything else written they want to discuss?

Which area do you want to focus this week on living a cruciform life? What are you going to do differently this week?



There will be no Sermon Discussion Guide for December 19/20 and December 26/27. It will resume January 2/3. We hope you find creative ways to celebrate, have some winter fun and continue to encourage & pray for each other.


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