Dec 4/5 God's Furniture
Dec 4/5 God's Furniture

Dec 4/5 God's Furniture

Dec 4/5 God's Furniture



Women’s Ministry Thrive Christmas is December 13! This is an excellent opportunity to get together with the women of your group and maybe even invite a few friends. Have someone from your group register soon to host a Watch Party and get your hostess basket at


This month we are focused on the group value of Invite. Christmas is often a time people are more open to attending services or events. What are some ways you can reach out as a group or individually to invite others this Christmas season?


Want to grow as a leader? Check out our online leader resources. We have an excellent resource called Rescue Academy to give you some tools for helping others in 1-on-1 conversations. Find them at If you’ve already registered, the different resources are on your dashboard under courses. Reach out to us at with any problems, and we will help you get connected.


Welcome to the second week of THE DWELLING PLACE. Today’s discussion is about how God’s furniture for the tabernacle helps us understand something about him.

What’s your furniture shopping experience been like?



Have someone read Exodus 25:23-30 aloud. What stands out to you about the instructions to make the table?

How does the table represent God’s desire to befriend his people?

In Luke 7:34, Jesus says he came eating and drinking. How does this strategy of ministering to people relate to the table and bread in the tabernacle?

In Revelation 3:20, Jesus says, “ Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.” How does it feel to know God welcomes you to his table through Jesus?



Have someone read Exodus 25:31-40 aloud. What are some of the repeated words or images in the text?

What’s the significance of the lampstand resembling a tree?

Have someone read John 8:12 aloud. How do Jesus’s statements about light and life relate to the lampstand?

Pastor Jeff Manion said when we expose dark areas in our life to the light of Jesus and share with trusted people—darkness loses its power. How have you seen this to be true in your life?



Have someone read Exodus 25:10-22 aloud. Why do you think God starts his instructions on the tabernacle with this piece of furniture?

The lid of the box is called an “atonement cover,” also known as the “mercy seat.” What does mercy mean?

The box demonstrates God’s holiness and power. The box contained the Ten Commandments—the agreement between God and the people. The lid is the place of atonement and mercy. What do we learn about God by him putting those three things together?

Have someone read Matthew 27:45-51 aloud. What’s the significance of this text in light of what we’ve learned about the tabernacle?



This week we talked about how the furniture God chose for the tabernacle shows us something about God. How did today’s discussion help you understand God’s love for you?




There will be no Sermon Discussion Guide for December 18 through January 2. It will resume January 8/9.

We hope you find creative ways to celebrate, have some winter fun and continue to encourage & pray for each other.