Dec 14/15 The Gift

Dec 14/15 The Gift

Dec 14/15 The Gift



Christmas Services are some of our most attended church services all year. Consider serving together as a group during the Christmas services. Help is needed in Discovery Village, Facilities and Hospitality. To signup, visit


Christmas is a great time to invite friends or co-workers to attend church with you. Ask your group about inviting someone and encourage them to think through the people they could invite. If they are attending a Christmas Eve service, remember they may need to get tickets for them and their friends. Visit to find the Christmas Service time right for you.


Have you finished the Small Group Leader Modules? Awesome—because we have a brand-new one for you! Our newest module is on the Gospel, what it is and how to talk about it. Find it online at


Welcome to the final week of our series, The Culture of the Cross. This week’s discussion is about why and how we need to pursue generosity in our lives.

What is your favorite Christmas carol? Have you ever gone caroling door to door?

Have someone read 1 Corinthians 16:1-4. What are some things that jump out at you in this passage? What does the tone seem to be from Paul?



What is going on in Jerusalem that is causing Paul to ask for this collection?

Pastor Aaron Buer said we give to bless the church that has blessed us. Have each person name one or two things they are grateful for that God has done through Ada Bible or another church family in their lives.

Why do you think people tend to see their stuff and their money as being all about them? How do we begin to practice thinking about these things through the perspective of the cross?



What are the four instructions that we can take away from Paul’s challenge, and what do they mean?

Why do you think Paul wanted the Corinthians to have a how-to manual for pursuing generosity?

Which of the four instructions do you think most people struggle with most? Which are likely to be easier than others?

Take time in the group to share where you were most challenged in these steps and talk about how you would like to take a next step. Discuss how the group can keep each other accountable over the holidays and into the new year.



What does Paul challenge them to do in 1 Corinthians 16:13-14? Why do you think he made these his last instructions to the people of Corinth?

What are some examples of what each of the commands from 1 Corinthians 16:13-14 could look like in everyday life?

How are you doing with the Habits of Love Challenge? Do you feel like it has changed the way you think and interact with people?

What do you think has been your main takeaway from this series? What have you learned about living a life that reflects the Culture of the Cross?



This week we discussed Paul’s challenge to the Corinthians to grow in their generosity as we finished our Culture of the Cross series. How has this series impacted you? What’s one next step you plan to take after our discussion today?


PLEASE NOTE: There will be no Sermon Discussion Guide for December 21, 22 & 24 and December 28/29. It will resume January 4/5.

We hope you gather together to celebrate, have some winter fun and continue to pray for one another.

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