Dec 12/13 Descending into Greatness

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Dec 12/13 Descending into Greatness

Dec 12/13 Descending into Greatness

Dec 12/13 Descending into Greatness



We are excited to partner with Franklin 415 for our Christmas Giving. This ministry is creating worship, early childhood and after-school programming space for an underserved area in Grand Rapids. Christmas Giving is December 19/20. Thank you for helping us support a local ministry in this way.


Inviting someone to join you for Christmas services at Ada Bible Church will be different this year. That doesn’t mean it isn’t still a great opportunity to invest in others by inviting them to streaming the services too. Discuss with your group how you can creatively invite others to church this Christmas season.


We pray you have a relaxing and restorative Christmas break. During this break, consider investing in your leadership by going through one of our leader modules for encouragement as you lead in 2021. Learn more at


We conclude our fall series The Company of Christ with a message by Pastor Jeff Manion called “Descending into Greatness.” We look at three different ways of approach life.

What is one thing you are looking forward to this Christmas?

Open your journal to pages 95-96 and take turns reading through Mark 10:32-45. What stands out to you?


Jesus gives the disciples a third and very graphic prediction of his death. He spells it out in such detail so they will feel the weight of what is coming. Why do you think it was necessary for the disciples to understand the gravity of Jesus’ impending death?

Jesus points to the resurrection. Through his death and resurrection, death is defeated. The curse of sin is reversed. How does the resurrection give us hope even in the midst of the challenges we face?


John and James seek positions of power and influence. They desire to be seen, valued and to know they matter. What are some ways people seek greatness today?

Jesus tells John and James they don’t really understand what they’re asking. Not long after this conversation two men will be on Jesus’ right and left, while hanging on a cross. Jesus knows following him includes suffering. How can knowing Jesus endured suffering while he lived on earth comfort us in the midst of a difficult season?


In the prevailing culture of Jesus’ day, greatness was achieved by those in authority lording power over others. Jesus instructs his disciples “not so with you.” In God’s kingdom, greatness is achieved through humility and service. What are some ways you have pursued greatness in the past?

Jesus calls his disciples in and redefines greatness. In his kingdom down is up. To be great is to serve and give. That’s his way. How can you can sacrifice for and serve those in your extended family as you navigate this unique Christmas season?


This week we talked about three different ways of approaching life. Turn to page 98 in your journal. Does anyone have anything else written they want to discuss?

What is one step you can take this week to live out Jesus’ definition of achieving greatness through serving and giving?



There will be no Sermon Discussion Guide for December 19/20 and December 26/27. It will resume January 2/3. We hope you find creative ways to celebrate, have some winter fun and continue to encourage & pray for each other.


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