Dec 11/12 God with Us
Dec 11/12 God with Us

Dec 11/12 God with Us

Dec 11/12 God with Us



Blue Christmas is Tuesday, December 14. Whether you or someone you know has experienced loss due to death, divorce or something else—Blue Christmas will help those in grief walk away from Blue Christmas with practical tools to help you celebrate this holiday season and move forward with hope. Register by 12 PM December 14 at


This month we are focused on the group value of Invite. Christmas presents a great opportunity to invite others into your home or to church. Have your group brainstorm ways to intentionally invite others into your home, group or church this Christmas season. Maps and service times at


Thank you! This is our last SDG of 2021. Thank you so much for leading your group. As you head into 2022, consider spending some time reflecting on your group. Ask your group questions like: What is a goal you have for the group in 2022? What are some challenges you see going forward? Is there anything new you would like to try? Want to talk about this idea more? Your staff contact would be happy to talk with you about this.


Welcome to the third week of THE DWELLING PLACE. Today’s discussion is about how Jesus is the place where heaven connects with earth.

What are some of your favorite things about the Christmas season?



Genesis 3:8 says God walked in the garden with Adam and Eve. What do you think it would be like to be Adam and Eve in the garden?

When have you experienced a moment when it felt like “all is well”?

How do you think the “all is well” moments point to the garden?



Adam and Eve don’t follow God’s plan for living the way they were created. Something is wrong. What are some of the wrong things we see in Genesis 3 because of the fall?

How do you think Adam and Eve would’ve felt losing access to God’s presence?

Why do you think it might be essential for us to simply remember from time to time that there is something terribly broken about our world?



Have someone read Leviticus 26:11-13 aloud. In what ways does this passage connect to the garden and the fall?

How do you think the Israelites might’ve felt hearing these words from God?



Have someone read John 1:14 aloud. What key words stand out in these verses, and what’s significant about them?

Pastor Jeff Manion mentioned how Jesus is that place where heaven connects to earth. How is Jesus the connection between heaven and earth?



Have someone read Luke 7:36-50 aloud. Why do you think Luke includes this story in his gospel?

Jesus forgives the woman’s sin and offers her peace. How does that tie back into the garden and the fall?

What does it mean to accept Jesus’s offer of forgiveness?

How do the woman’s actions provide an example of a heart that understands and responds to the significance of what we celebrate at Christmas?



This week we talked about how Christmas celebrates God becoming one of us. What’s something you can do this Christmas season to have a heart like the woman in Luke 7?



There will be no Sermon Discussion Guide for December 18 through January 2. It will resume January 8/9.

We hope you find creative ways to celebrate, have some winter fun and continue to encourage & pray for each other.