August 6/7 What Are You Discussing?
August 6/7 What Are You Discussing?

Aug 6/7 What Are You Discussing?

August 6/7 What Are You Discussing?



Worship Night is coming August 17. Join with others from Ada Bible for an extended time of prayer, God’s Word and worship. It’s a great opportunity to attend as a group. Please register at


This month we look at the group value of Relational Investments. This is all about sharing the love of Jesus with those we have a relationship with. One great way to do that is by inviting someone to join you at church. August is a great time to think about who you might invite to join you at church this fall. As a group, share one person you each want to invite and then begin praying for those people.


Did you know we’ve partnered with Grand Rapids Theological Seminary to help our leaders grow? The Leadership Development Program is an opportunity for you to interact with other Ada Bible Church leaders while learning more about God, the Bible and how to lead. For more information, log in and read more at


This is the final week of our series, 10 QUESTIONS JESUS ASKED. This week, Jesus has a conversation with two dejected followers on the road.

What’s the craziest travel experience you’ve ever had?

Read Luke 24:14-39 aloud. What parts of the story fascinated you the most?



How does Luke describe the attitude of the disciples on the road?

What emotions do you think they were experiencing and why?

How is it helpful to know that Jesus walks alongside them?

When has God met you in a difficult season of your life?

What are you going through that your group can pray about?



Have someone read John 20:19-28. What extra details does John give about this encounter?

Jesus still had his scars. Our scars don’t have to hold us back. Why is it easy to think our past failures define who we are?

How have you experienced God freeing you from placing your identity in your failures?

What do we learn about doubt from Jesus’s interaction with Thomas?

What are some doubts you’ve experienced in the past or are experiencing now when it comes to God?

How can we move from doubt to belief?



When Jesus meets his disciples back in Jerusalem, he again explains how the Old Testament points to him. What did Jesus say would happen after the messiah rose from the dead?

Jesus told the disciples they were his witnesses. What does it look like to be a witness for Jesus today?



Today we talked about Jesus’s interaction on the road to Emmaus. What discussion resonated with you the most, and what’s something God is challenging you to do about it?