August 28/29 Look at This
August 28/29 Look at This

Aug 28/29 Look at This

August 28/29 Look at This



Help your group know there are some great opportunities to reconnect with others at one of our ministry fall launch events coming up soon. Find Man Night Kickoff, Singles 35+ Meet & Greet, UNION Cookout and Women’s Preview Night details at under Info & Events.


This month we are highlighting formative conversations. As we head into fall, discuss with your group how you can lean into the fall series Jesus & The City so you are committed to and ready for good group conversations.


Now is a great time to have a 1-on-1 with your small group staff contact if you haven’t already this summer. Reach out to them today to check in and hear what’s going on with them this fall.


This is the second week of our new series, Just Don’t. This week we discuss Jesus’s warning about where we find our security and worrying we won’t have enough.

What’s one of your favorite birds or flowers, and why?

Have someone read Matthew 6:19-34 aloud. What are the key images Jesus uses to get his point across?



Jesus warns the people against trusting in their treasure. What does Jesus say can happen?

Earthly treasure is accumulating money and possessions. Heavenly treasure is loving God and people. How is one of those vulnerable while the other is secure?



What did Pastor Aaron Buer use to help us understand what Matthew 6:22-23 means, and how can that help us read the Bible?

It seems that a focus-on-self can lead to darkness that casts a shadow for those we interact with. What are some ways you’ve seen this?

How can being generous with our time and resources be a way to introduce light into our lives?

Jesus draws a pretty hard line about serving God or money. Why do you think he makes such a strong statement?

How have you experienced the pull of serving money or possessions for security or status?



Jesus addresses worries about eating, drinking and what to wear. What are some worries in our world today?

We can know what we are trusting based on what we are chasing. What do you feel like you might be chasing?

Jesus says to stop worrying and to start doing something else in Matthew 6:33. What does he say to do?

If we focused on the things Jesus teaches in the Sermon on the Mount, how would that help us avoid worry and find our security in God instead of our possessions?



This week we discussed how security and worry can lead us to serve our possessions instead of God. What’s one lesson you’re taking away from this discussion?

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