August 22/23 The 30 Mile Journey

Aug 22/23 The 30 Mile Journey

August 22/23 The 30 Mile Journey



This month, we are serving as a church by collecting school supplies for local students heading back to school. Encourage your group to print a list of supplies and drop them off during the church drop-off times.


This month we are focusing on Care inside the group. Ada Bible has launched an in-person video service (details & reserve a seat here) Sundays at 9 am at each campus. The addition of in-person video services means varying comfort and safety opinions in your group. Talk together about how you can keep conversations kind, focusing on empathy and unity as you respectfully engage with others who feel or think differently.


As a small group leader, you can encourage group members who could grow into new leaders. As we prepare to launch groups this fall, consider talking with your Small Groups staff contact about someone in your group who has leadership potential.


Welcome to the second week of our series, Leaning In. This week we will be talking about the possibility that God wants to move in our hearts and stretch us in unexpected ways.

Share about the furthest distance you have ever walked or ran. Where was it and why did you do it?

Have a few people take turns to read aloud through Acts 10. What are some things that you haven’t noticed before? What stands out in this story?



The expansion of the church to the Gentiles doesn’t come about because of a strategy meeting, but because of the movement of God. How is it clear from the story that God is the one directing it?



God opens Peter’s heart to something completely new. How have you experienced God moving your heart to something or someone you weren’t expecting?



Peter had no idea what was waiting for him in Caesarea, but he obeyed God. Why can it be challenging for us to follow God one step at a time, without knowing all of the next steps?

God took Peter into an uncomfortable, stretching experience. How do you think God may be stretching you in this season of life?



This story isn’t really about Cornelius or Peter, but it’s about God doing something surprising to dramatically grow the early church. How does God invite us into the work of changing the world?

What are some ways our group can help each other remember that it’s not about us and our legacy, but about what God wants to do through us?



This week we talked about how God wants to move in and around us one step at a time to stretch us and grow the church. What is one tangible step you can take this week to lean into what God is doing?

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