August 21/22 Look at Me
August 21/22 Look at Me

Aug 21/22 Look at Me

August 21/22 Look at Me



Help your group know there are some great opportunities to reconnect with others at one of our ministry fall launch events coming up soon. Find Man Night Kickoff, Singles 35+ Meet & Greet, UNION Cookout and Women’s Preview Night details at under Info & Events.


This month we are highlighting formative conversations. These conversations make your small group different than other social gatherings. Lead your group through a discussion about prioritizing both connecting as a group and having formative conversations that encourage growth.


Now is a great time to invest in your leadership skills. Visit our modules at to revisit previous ones or work through other ones.


This is the first week of our new series, Just Don’t. This week we discuss Jesus’s warning about the way we seek after attention and approval.

What is your favorite house you’ve ever lived in, and why?

Have someone read Matthew 6:1-18 aloud. What phrases are repeated in the passage?



Jesus talks to the crowd about practicing righteousness. What are some ways people practiced righteousness or faith in first-century Israel?

What are some ways we practice our righteousness or faith today?

Jesus doesn’t seem to be upset about the actions themselves, but about the why and how they are doing it. Why do you think this bothers Jesus?



What does Jesus mean by hypocrite?

Jesus talks about three things the hypocrites do. What are they?

The Pharisees weren’t focused on their heart but their external appearances. They were chasing approval or were hiding what they were really like. What are some things we do today to chase after approval or to hide who we really are?

Have someone read 1 Samuel 16:7 aloud. What feelings come up when you hear that verse?

Jesus wants to transform our hearts. He wants to lead us to the life we were created for. How can hiding who we really are on the inside from our group keep us from growing?



When we seek after the world’s approval and get it, Jesus seems to be saying that’s all there is. What does he say about doing things in secret for God?

The applause of people is temporary. How have you experienced the fleeting satisfaction of living for the approval of others

Pastor Aaron Buer said the reward Jesus talks about refers to the joys we will experience in the next life, but also satisfaction, fulfillment, purpose, peace and meaning right now in this life. What are some ways living for God’s applause leads to those things?

Where in your life do you need to make a change to live for God’s applause instead of people’s?



This week we discussed the difference between living for the approval of others and living for God. What part of the conversation struck you as most important, and what is one way you will take that into this week?

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