August 19/20 Honoring Movement
August 19/20 Honoring Movement

August 19/20 Honoring Movement

August 19/20 Honoring Movement



There are no qualifications or pretenses in our Women’s Ministry. We welcome women from every walk of life to get to know other women, dive into the Word, and discover the love and life we have through Jesus. Learn more at THRIVE GATHERING Sept 7. Details at


This August, we’re focusing on the value of invitation. A powerful question is, “Who in my life needs community?” There is likely someone in or just outside your circle you can INVITE to join you in a small group or upcoming women’s or men’s ministry event. Reach out and invite them!


Have you had a 1-ON-1 WITH YOUR STAFF CONTACT? Now is a great time to reconnect with your staff contact to feel supported and connected as you prepare to meet with your group this fall. Reach out to your staff contact this week to set something up.


Welcome to the third week in our sermon series, HELPING WITHOUT HURTING.  This week we continue to reflect on the story in Ruth 2 and what it means to honor someone’s movement.

What’s something you want to do before summer ends?



Have someone read Ruth 2:8-12.

This is our third week reflecting on this passage. What is something new that stands out to you?

What do these verses reveal about Boaz and Ruth’s character?



 Pastor Jeff Manion talked about some principles to help know how to help. As a group, what were the main principles shared in this sermon?

Which of these principles stood out to you the most, and why?

How do you keep yourself from not feeling overwhelmed by the weight of needs in the world or just in your own life?

Boaz seems to respond to Ruth’s positive actions. He honors her movement. What step could you take towards honoring or celebrating a movement someone has taken in their life this week?

Have someone read 1 Timothy 5:3-10. In these verses, Paul helps Timothy discern what needs to meet in Ephesus. What is your current process for deciding how to meet a need in your life, and do you have a person to help you in that process?

Read 2 Thessalonians 3:7-13. Paul again models what care looks like, and shares that sometimes what we think is caring could be hurting. How have you, or how might you, say “no” to a need?

How do these principles challenge your view of caring for those in need?

We may feel pressure to care for all the needs in our life, but even Jesus had limits (John 17:4). Is there a need that you feel particularly called to in your life right now that may align with the gifts God has given you?

How are you letting God lead you as you care for others?



Today we discussed three principles to consider when helping others. What does that look like for you right now?

Download a printable PDF.