August 12/13 The Power of Proximity
August 12/13 The Power of Proximity

Aug 12/13 The Power of Proximity

August 12/13 The Power of Proximity



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This August, we’re focusing on the value of an invitation. One way to invest in others is to INVITE them to attend church with you. We started this weekend with an important sermon series about helping people without hindering what God has created them for. Who is someone you will invite to attend this series with you in person or online?


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Welcome to the second week of our sermon series, HELPING WITHOUT HURTING. Today we will consider the power of connection.

What is one thing you are looking forward to this fall?



Have someone read Ruth 2:8-14 aloud.

What stands out to you most in this story?

Boaz speaks to Ruth in family terms (Ruth 2:8-9). What is the significance of this?

Ruth rejoiced that she found “favor” with Boaz (Ruth 2:10). What did this mean?



Pastor Jeff Manion continued our series HELPING WITHOUT HURTING by looking again at the story of Ruth. As a group, name his main points.

Which part of the sermon most encouraged or challenged you, and why?

One of the first principles in caring for others is to not do for them what they can do for themselves. How do we struggle with this principle in our world today?

What are some instances in which you have felt compelled to do something for someone they could have done for themselves?

Scripture reminds us that we are all broken (consider, for instance, the parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector in Luke 18:9-14). How could this truth impact your care of others?

What does it look like to do something WITH someone rather than doing it FOR them? If you have any examples from your lives, consider sharing them with your group.

In his care for others, Jesus spent a significant amount of time WITH people. What could a similar commitment look like in your life?

Is there anything else about the sermon you wanted to talk about?



Today we talked about the power of connection from the story of Ruth. What is your biggest takeaway from our discussion today?

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