Aug 1/2 Humble Jesus

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Aug 1/2 Humble Jesus

Aug 1/2 Humble Jesus



Ada Bible has launched a in-person video service (details & reserve a seat here) Sundays at 9 am at each campus. The addition of in-person video services means varying comfort & safety opinions in your own group. Talk together about how you can keep conversations kind, focusing on empathy and unity as you respectfully engage with others who feel or think differently.


This month we are focusing on Spiritual Practices. As we navigate a challenging season with different school options and work schedules, discuss how your group can grow in prayer for one another during this time. Consider using our prayer guide together and focusing on one of the included prayers this week.


As a small group leader, you can encourage group members who could grow into new leaders. As we prepare to launch groups this fall, consider talking with your Small Groups staff contact about someone in your group who has leadership potential.


Welcome to week three of our new series, Jesus Wisdom. This week’s conversation centers on Jesus’ description of himself as we consider what it means to display Christ-like gentleness and humility.

What two words would you pick to describe yourself?

Have someone from your group read Matthew 11:28-30 aloud. How does Jesus describe himself?



If your group hasn’t taken the opportunity to share when you each came to Christ, briefly share those stories.

Jesus’ invitation to come to himself is an ongoing invitation. What are some reasons right now that you need to find rest in Jesus?



In Matthew 23:4, Jesus describes religious leaders of the day: “They tie up heavy, cumbersome loads and put them on other people’s shoulders, but they themselves are not willing to lift a finger to move them.” How does Jesus’ offer to come to him in Matthew 11:28-30 differ from the religious leaders?

What types of difficult yokes do we put on ourselves today?

Pastor Jeff Manion gave several examples from Jesus’ life that model humility. Which example from Jesus’ life stands out to you?

Share about someone whose life of humility and gentleness has impacted you.

What’s one area of your life you would like to grow in humility and gentleness?



How does it encourage you to know God gives us his Spirit to go through life with us and empower us to live like Jesus?



This week, we discussed coming to, learning from and lightening up in Jesus. What is one step you can take this week to let his Spirit help you grow in one of these areas?


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