April 8/9 Easter 2023
April 8/9 Easter 2023

April 8/9 Easter 2023

April 8/9 Easter 2023



We love when John Dickson comes to teach! Join us for a three-week series called GOOD NEWS, where we look at Mark 1-2 to see how Jesus meets our deepest needs. John preaches all three weeks starting April 15/16.


This April, we’re focusing on the group value of RELATIONAL INVESTMENTS. It’s all about the people in our life who don’t know Jesus. Discuss as a group who you can be praying about to come to know Jesus. It’s possible the John Dickson series might be a good opportunity to invite them to church.


Spring is here, and that means another small group LEADER HUDDLE. Connect with your staff contact to get more details. We’ll discuss what staying connected to your group and God looks like over the summer.


We celebrated EASTER this past weekend. Today we discuss Jesus’s resurrection from the dead and how it impacts us.

What do you look forward to most about Spring?



Read John 20:1-13 closely. What are some details you notice?

Someone coming back from the dead isn’t part of our everyday life. Why might people object to or be suspicious of the resurrection?

In the eyes of the world, a crucified Messiah is a failed Messiah. Pastor Jeff Manion says Jesus’s followers experienced a “faithquake.” How have you experienced some type of faithquake in your life?


Not only did Jesus suffer an awful death, but Mary now finds the tomb empty. What do you think is going through her mind?

Read John 20:11-18. Why do you think Jesus asks Mary questions instead of telling her who he is? Why do you think she didn’t recognize Jesus?

Jesus tells Mary to go and tell the other disciples that she’s seen Jesus and that he’ll be ascending to God shortly. She was healed by Jesus in the past and now he gives her this mission to serve. How do you think you can use a healing you have experienced to serve someone else?

Read John 10:2-4. Jesus calls Mary by name, and she recognizes his voice. Jesus also calls his followers by name. How does this level of intimacy reveal how Jesus sees his followers?

Have you experienced Jesus calling your name to believe in him? Why or why not?


Read John 20:24-29. Why do you think Thomas doesn’t believe that Jesus has risen?

In your experience, what kinds of evidence do people ask for when considering the claims of Jesus?

Jesus invites Thomas to see the proof. Thomas recognizes who Jesus is and cries out in total devotion, “My Lord and my God.” What areas of your life need to be devoted or re-devoted to Christ?

Thomas had the benefit of seeing Jesus. But Jesus says, “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” What do you think Jesus means by this?



Today, we discussed the transformative power of the resurrection, from grief to mission and doubt to belief. What are some of the key takeaways for you?