April 23/24 The Story
April 23/24 The Story

Apr 23/24 The Story

April 23/24 The Story



Got a Bible question? There’s still time for you or someone from your group to send in a question. Text your Bible question to 616-952-2012, and maybe our pastors will answer it in the series.


Relational Investments are one of our small group values. It’s about those in our lives far away from God that we would like to see in relationship with God. Take a minute as a group to share one person they’d like to see come to know Jesus. Encourage your group to be praying for those people.


One way to grow as a leader around the value of relational investments is to understand better the gospel and how to talk about it. We’ve created an online leader training around this topic specifically. Create an account and check out the module at learning.adabible.org/small-groups.


This past weekend we kicked off our new series on THE BIBLE. Our conversation this week looks at the story of the Bible.

What role did the Bible play in your house growing up?

As a group, try to retell the story of the Bible based on what Aaron talked about.



How does God describe his creation in Genesis 1?

What can we learn from the creation and rebellion stories about how the world should work and how it works now?



What does God say he will do for Abraham in Genesis 12:2-3?

God wanted people to know him, reflect him and partner with him. How did Israel do with those things?

Pastor Aaron Buer tells us God made a covenant with Abraham and his descendants, the nation of Israel. Describe what you know about this covenant and why it is significant in the story of the Bible.



God keeps his promise to Abraham by blessing the world through Jesus. How does Jesus model what it means to know, reflect and partner with God?

Have someone read Colossians 1:19-20 aloud. What does it mean that Jesus made peace through his blood?

Jesus can’t rescue us unless we admit our need for rescue. How do we repeat the rebellion of the garden and Israel?



Have someone read Revelation 21:1-5 aloud. What emotions do you feel when you hear that passage?

How does knowing the end of the story help us know and trust God to best reflect and partner with him?



Jesus tells his followers that they are now his church. It’s through his body that God desires to show others what his kingdom is like as we know him, reflect him and partner with him. What are some ways you do these things or want to do these things?

After Jesus goes to heaven, God sends the Holy Spirit to live in each person who follows Jesus. How does the Holy Spirit aid us to know, reflect and partner with God?

What role do you think our small group plays in helping each other know, reflect and partner with God?



Today we talked about the story of the Bible and how God wants us to know, reflect and partner with him. Which area do you need to focus on the most, and what does that look like this week?