April 2/3 The Trial
April 2/3 The Trial

Apr 2/3 The Trial

April 2/3 The Trial



New short-term topical groups launch April 14. These are a great opportunity for you or your group to grow your faith in specific areas. There are groups on local missions, money, parenting or sharing faith. Click here for details and sign up.


This month we focus on Group Growth. Now is a great time to think about who you can invite to meet you at church for Easter. Ask your group to pray for who you could invite and for the opportunity to do so.


Our next leader Huddle is coming up soon. Mark your calendar for April 24 at your campus. You won’t want to miss this chance to learn with and from other leaders. Please register here.


Welcome to the sixth week of our sermon series, THE FINAL WEEK. Our conversation this week looks at the trial of Jesus.

What’s your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?

Have someone read Mark 14:53-72 aloud. Who is involved in this story? Talk about what each character may have experienced.



Pastor Jeff Manion said that even though we often use this phrase, people don’t really just “fall” into huge mistakes in life. What are some of the patterns of life and little steps that can get us into trouble down the road?

It does not serve us well just to try to “do better” in our walk with the Lord. Why do you think we often try to muscle through all on our own?

Peter seems very sure of himself and convinced that he could never fail Jesus. Why does his overconfidence prove to be problematic?

On the other hand, some things may help us avoid Peter’s pitfalls. What practices or disciplines can help us stay aware of our continual need to rely on God?

How can our small group help each other avoid falls?



In the middle of seeing the disciples’ failures, we also see a unique and beautiful picture of Jesus’s enduring faithfulness to his calling. How is Jesus faithful to his mission throughout his trial? Why does it matter to us that he was able to be faithful?

What things do you think might have given Jesus the strength to be faithful?

What are some ways that Jesus’s faithfulness causes you to love him more?

How can Jesus’s faithfulness encourage us to be faithful?



Peter immediately responds to his fall with sobs and deep sadness. How is this actually evidence of his turning to God?

Look back at Mark 14:28. Jesus says Peter will betray him, but he also promises a reunion between them. How can what Jesus says to the disciples help you realize that failure doesn’t have to be final?

Peter’s story does not end with his denial of knowing Jesus. Instead, Jesus restores Peter. This mercy inspires resilience in Peter’s life, who then pours his life into serving Jesus. How can Peter’s story encourage us to trust God’s mercy for us and help us get back up after we fall?



Today we talked about the contrast between Peter’s fall and Jesus’s faithfulness. Jesus is even faithful in the way he responds to Peter. Which part of the story impacted you this week most, and how will that change you going forward?