April 17/18 Our Father
April 17/18 Our Father

Apr 17/18 Our Father

April 17/18 Our Father



Financial Peace University groups began April 15 at each campus. If you or someone in your group would still like to join in to study healthy financial choices, sign up adabible.org/fpu.


Prayer is a big part of a small group. It isn’t necessarily the time spent in prayer during group, but the time spent outside of group praying for each other. We’re committing to 40 Days of Prayer as we go through this sermon series. Commit as a group to encouraging each other to make these 40 days a turning point in your prayer life.


One of the best ways to grow as a leader is by talking with other leaders about what has worked and what hasn’t. You have something that will help them—and they have something that will help you. Join other small group leaders for a huddle on April 25, either online or in person, as we discuss serving as a small group! Register at adabible.org/smallgrouphuddle.


Welcome to the second week of our spring series, The Lord and His Prayer. This week we discuss the first two phrases of The Lord’s Prayer.

What’s one of your favorite Spring activities?

Have someone read Matthew 6:5-13 aloud. What’s something that connected with you as you listened?



The Greek system of prayer was based on confusion, insecurity and anxiety. Have someone read John 1:12-13 aloud. How does this verse give us confidence that we can approach God and say “Our Father”?

Those of us with complicated relationships with our fathers sometimes have difficulty addressing God as “Our Father.” What feelings does that bring up for you when you think of God as Father?

Our church community is at risk of being just as divided and polarized as the crazy culture swirling around us. Jesus’s use of a plural pronoun in “Our Father” reminds us that there are others in God’s family that we should love, whether we always agree with them or not. Why do you think we might regularly need this reminder?



While “Our Father” is relational, “Hallowed be your name” reminds us of something different. What are some things the word “hallowed” reminds us of about God?

Have someone read aloud Matthew 5:16. How have you seen the connection between Christians’ actions and God’s reputation play out in good and bad ways?

If God’s reputation is connected to our character and actions, how does that personalize the request “Hallowed be your name” when we pray it?

The two phrases “Our Father” and “Hallowed be your name” give us a picture of an intimate and loving God who is also great and majestic. When you think of God, which of these ideas do you typically lean toward and why?



The two phrases we discussed this week should help shape the way we pray going forward. What’s one way you want today’s discussion to shape the way you pray The Lord’s Prayer during the 40 Days of Prayer?


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