April 16/17 Easter 2022
April 16/17 Easter 2022

Apr 16/17 Easter 2022

April 16/17 Easter 2022



Don’t miss next week the start of our new series called THE BIBLE. People have lots of questions about the Bible. Whether a question is big or small, you or anyone from your group can text a question to 616-952-2012 or submit here. Maybe our pastors will answer it in the series.


THE BIBLE series is an excellent opportunity for you to invite someone to join you at church. Relational Investments are one of our small group values, and inviting someone to church is a great way to make a relational investment. Have a conversation with your group about inviting someone to the series, and then pray for those people.


This weekend is our Leader Huddle! You won’t want to miss this chance to learn with and from other leaders. Register at adabible.org/leaderhuddle to let us know you are coming.


This past weekend we celebrated Easter. Our conversation this week looks at Mark’s account of the Easter story.

What did you do for Easter?

Have someone read Mark 15:40-47 and 16:1-8 aloud. Who are the key characters in this passage?



The women are present at the death of Jesus. Why do you think Mark includes this in his account?

What do you think it meant for Jesus to have the women present?

How have you experienced the value of presence in a difficult season?

Pastor Jeff Manion asked us to consider where we might feel prompted to be more present. What relationship came to mind for you?

One of the reasons for a small group is to walk through life together. What types of things could we do to be present for each other?



One group of people is noticeably absent in Mark’s account. The disciples should’ve been there to bury Jesus. Looking back on their actions, how do you think they felt about not being there?

Why do you think the disciples weren’t there?

What are some reasons we don’t take the time to be present with people going through difficult seasons of life?



Despite the absence of the disciples at the cross and grave, what do the words of the angels tell us about Jesus’s desire to re-engage them?

How can Jesus’s desire to re-engage the disciples encourage us when we experience regret for checking out or not showing up?

Easter is one of the greatest examples of God’s desire to re-engage with us. What are some ways you’ve experienced God trying to re-engage with you?

We all check out for different reasons. Where might you have checked out and need to lean into your relationship with God a bit more?

One of the beautiful things about the community of a small group is that we have the opportunity to encourage each other in our relationship with God. How can our group help encourage each other to stay engaged?



Today we talked about the power of presence through the dying place, burial and grave. How did today’s discussion challenge you, and what difference will that make in your life?