Apr 3/4 Easter 2021
Apr 3/4 Easter 2021

Apr 3/4 Easter 2021

Apr 3/4 Easter 2021



Next week, we begin The Lord & His Prayer, a new sermon series unpacking Jesus’s guide on how to talk to God. Be sure to join us online or in person as we learn and grow together!


Prayer is such an essential part of small groups. Have people in your group discuss one area they want to grow spiritually in, and you can all be praying for each other in that area.


At Ada Bible Church, our goal is that all our small group leaders follow our BE, KNOW, DO model. We want you to BE a person of godly character, KNOW how to lead and encourage through God’s Word, and DO by practicing small group leader skills at our small group huddles. Don’t forget to sign up to join us in person or online for our next huddle April 25 where we serve and get tips for serving more with our small groups! Register today at adabible.org/smallgrouphuddle.


Happy Easter! We hope you get time this week to reflect on and be impacted by the death and resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ—and that the Easter story will feel fresh and alive for you this year.

What are some Easter traditions or activities you do to help you remember its true meaning?



Have someone read Luke 24:1-12 aloud. Put yourself in the place of the women. What emotions do you think they are experiencing throughout the story?

The women seem to have forgotten that Jesus said he would die and then come back to life. How can it be easy for us today to overlook the significance of the resurrection and the Easter story?

What is one of Jesus’ promises that you need to remember this week?



Have someone read Luke 24:13-32 next. What do you think it would’ve been like to be these two guys?

Jesus reveals himself to two men in a personal and profound way. At Ada Bible Church, we regularly talk about three spiritual-growth environments: The Row (weekend services), The Circle (small groups) and The Chair (daily time with God). God reveals himself to us through all three of these environments. Share a story about how God has revealed himself to you in one of these environments.

Who have you known that really modeled spending time with Jesus? How did spending time with Jesus impact their life?



Luke was writing to help his reader gain confidence in the truth of the resurrection. Have someone read Luke 24:33-38. What are some of the interesting details Luke includes in the story? How might those details help the reader gain confidence in the truth of the resurrection?

Jesus didn’t just expect his followers to understand everything on their own. He was patient. He taught them and gave them proof of his resurrection. How does Jesus’s interaction with his disciples encourage you in your faith journey when you have doubts and questions



What was something new or challenging to you this week as you considered the Easter story? What’s one thing you can do this week to remember the significance of Easter?

Jesus desires to have a personal relationship with us. If you haven’t yet, consider praying this simple prayer, “Jesus, I’m opening the door. Please come in.” If you prayed this for the first time, we would love to celebrate with you. Please email us at sdg@adabible.org.


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