Apr 24/25 Your Kingdom Come
Apr 24/25 Your Kingdom Come

Apr 24/25 Your Kingdom Come

Apr 24/25 Your Kingdom Come



Join us for communion during our in-person and online weekend services on May 1 & 2. Consider talking to your group about the significance of and some reasons why we practice communion. Remind those who attend online to be sure to have some juice and some crackers or bread ready for the service. Find other ways to prepare your heart, family and surroundings with our Communion Guide at adabible.info under Stay Engaged.


Since we have committed to 40 Days of Prayer as a group, consider praying in a new way together this week. Go around the group and each pray a one-sentence prayer of request, gratitude or praise.


Our Online Modules are designed to equip you with information to help in crucial areas of following Jesus and leading a small group. Click here to join, see your existing progress in a module or to see new modules added.


Welcome to the third week of our spring series, The Lord and His Prayer. This week we discuss what it means to pray, “Your kingdom come, your will be done.”

What places and/or people have shaped the way you pray?

Have someone read Matthew 6:9-13 aloud slowly. How has listening to The Lord’s Prayer being read aloud changed for you from the first week we read it?



Pastor Aaron Buer reminded us that the Kingdom of God is the restorative reign of God in the world, and God is going about restoring the broken things in this world. What are some ways we experience the brokenness of our world?

The Kingdom of God is already here because it came with Jesus, but it is not yet fully realized until he comes again. How do you see the physical, relational or spiritual restoration of the kingdom “already” in the world around us?

Have someone read Revelation 7:9-10 and Revelation 21:3-5. As a group, describe what the Kingdom of God will look like when the world is fully restored. What are you looking forward to about that time?

In this in-between space, we get to join Jesus’s mission as agents of physical, relational and spiritual restoration. What does it look like for you to be an agent of restoration for the world around you?



Jesus instructs his followers to pray that God’s will would be done. What are some things people usually mean when they talk about knowing God’s will for their lives?

Pastor Aaron Buer said God’s will isn’t a mystery. God has revealed his will for us in the Bible. Have someone read Romans 12:2. How does this verse help us understand the way we know God’s will?

God’s Word shows us what it means to be transformed. What are some ways our small group can help us be transformed?



The two phrases, “Your Kingdom come” and “Your will be done,” have the potential to change the way we live our lives. What’s one change you want to make to live for the kingdom of God this week?


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