Become a Member

Attending church each week is not the same thing as being a member.

It’s more than calling Ada Bible your home church.

Church membership means we make a commitment to take care of each other. You commit to help take care of the church and the church commits to help take care of you.

Membership provides the church consistency and stability as it does God’s work. Members help make decisions on church-wide policies through voting at times throughout each year. Members serve as spiritual leaders (think small groups, deacons or elders). Becoming a member is your commitment to serve God and his people and to do so in coordination with our church.

To become a member, you must agree to align yourself with our beliefs. Download our We Believe document to learn more.

Ready to take a NEXT STEP to become a member?

Get Started

There are two parts to becoming a member:

  1. Attend a membership class. Here you will become acquainted with our story—the past, present and future. You will learn more about what we believe, get questions answered and meet others.
  2. Fill out an application. It’s not rocket science and doesn’t ask for your first born. The application simply lets us get to know you better. If at any time you have questions, please email us!

Membership FAQ

Here are the most frequently asked questions about becoming a member.

Don’t see your question? Send us an email.

  • When is the next membership class at my campus?

    We announce membership classes here, in the weekend church bulletin and on social media. You will need to register for the class. Registration begins three weeks prior to the class date.

  • May I bring my children to class?

    The membership class is geared for adults. Childcare is not provided. Members must be 18+ years to vote.

  • How long is the membership class?

    The class is approximately one hour.

  • Why is an interview a part of the process?

    The interview is a casual, relaxed time for you to get to know a couple of our leaders (at least one elder) and for them to get to know you. They’ll ask you some questions based on what you wrote in your application. Most importantly, you’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions you might have.

    A summary of your interview will be sent to the Elder Board for review. Following Board approval, you’ll receive a letter welcoming you as a new member of Ada Bible Church.

  • Where can I find a copy of what Ada Bible believes?

    You may download the Ada Bible Church Constitution here.