Wood Veneer Panel/Finisher

Wood Veneer Panel/Finisher

Wood Veneer Panel/Finisher

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Job Description

Other - Full-time

Dooge Veneers is a merchant style wood veneer company located in Grand Rapids MI.  Founded in 1977, this family-oriented company is looking to fill a Wood Veneer Panel/Finisher position.  We work hard but like to have fun too!

This position would work independently to produce high-quality finished panels.  Selecing veneer, identifying material and lay out as well as matching and preparing veneer for the splicer are just a few of the many responsibilities this position holds.  A demonstarted knowledge of core-based panels with wood finishes along with the ability to operate all types of woodworking and finishing machines such as saws, planers, splicers, presses, sanders and sprayers.  Reliability and flexibility are required for support of the customer needs and the changing demands of our warehouse operations.

*Dooge Veneers is an equal opportunity employer

If you’re interested please contact Cheryl Selkirk cselkirk@doogeveneers.com