Women's Patron Advocate

Women’s Patron Advocate

Women’s Patron Advocate

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Job Description

Other Ministries - Full-time

Summary of Responsibilities:  To provide advocacy and provide resources to the patrons of Open Door in conjunction with other community resources.


The Mission Statement: To reflect the love of Christ to all who come through our doors by building relationships and offering programs that foster dignity and respect.
The Vision Statement:
For those we serve, we will be a community that overcomes obstacles, celebrates transformation, and realizes the full potential of all as children of God.

Statement of Faith:  Employees affirm and accept the ministry of Dégagé to be a faith based organization founded on the message and love of Jesus Christ and further affirm the mission statement of Dégagé as stated above.  Employees will be asked to sign a Statement of Faith at time of employment. 



·         A strong commitment to Christ and to serving Him through word and deed to others.

·         A Degree in Social Work or a combination of college and work experience.

·         Strong communication skills, both verbal and written.

·         The ability to work with, encourage, motivate and lead people from all areas of the social spectrum.

·         Ability to organize, prioritize and delegate independently.

·         Ability to adapt to change.

·         Possess a valid driver’s license. 


Specific Responsibilities:

·         Initiate and develop relationships with the women in the Open Door. 

·         Using Strength Based Model, evaluate what resources the women have available and what has helped them to be successful in the past. Together with each woman, set realistic, attainable goals with clear action plans. Work with the women to attain their goals, walking along side of them and holding them accountable.

·         Refer women to HAP for evaluation, complete ViSPDATs for each woman and access to community resources.

·         Develop and maintain relationships with community resources such as Network 180, Women’s Resource Center, In the Image, etc. Support efforts of outside case manager if appropriate.

·         Maintain a record on each women utilizing most appropriate software allowing for sharing of information internally and externally as appropriate.  This includes tracking all exit interviews and record change of addresses in VCM.

·         Represent Degage at select agency/community/church meetings i.e. Community Outreach Court.

·         Willingness to fill in other departments when needed.

·         Participate in patron activities.

·         Providing at least two stories a month and attend all staff meetings.

·         Providing a weekly recap that includes names and addresses of women who have received housing.  Women met and outcomes. Names of agencies connected with for that week.

·         Maintain communication flow with Program Director Executive Director, Board, staff and external community resources, as appropriate. 

·         Weekly patron update meeting with Program Director.

·         Work with volunteers to fulfill job requirements and outcomes.

·         Maintain weekly daytime hours and occasional nighttime hours as needed to accommodate patron’s schedules.


Grant Requirements and Outcomes:

·         Attend diversion meetings and practice techniques learned.

·         Complete ViSPDATs or assessments required by grants and document information and referral service.

·         Practice real time data entry and ensures complete client records are entered. 

·         Reduce recidivism.