Vice President of Client Services

Vice President of Client Services

Vice President of Client Services

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Job Description

Other - Full-time



Job Description

Vice President of Client Services


Mission Statement: Motivated by the love of Christ, we promote abundant life by providing holistic services to women and men affected by unplanned pregnancy.


Position title: Vice President of Client Services

Position type: Staff (full-time, salaried)

Department: Client Services and Leadership Team

Reports to: President

Basic function of position: The Vice President of Client Services is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Alpha Women’s Center (AWC) and Alpha Men’s Center (AMC), which include the implementation of the policies and procedures approved by the Board of Directors of Alpha Grand Rapids (AGR). The primary areas of responsibility are client services staff supervision, client-related administrative duties, and program development.



Major Duties and Responsibilities



·         Coordinates the daily operations of AWC and AMC, ensuring all employees, volunteers, and clients have an experience consistent with AGR’s core values

·         Maintains a climate that attracts, retains, and motivates quality personnel, both paid and volunteer

·         Recruit, train, appraise, supervise, support, develop, promote and guide qualified personnel, both paid and volunteer, and plan for succession

·         Create, support, and oversee cross-functional teams throughout AGR

·         Empower staff and volunteers by:

o    Transmitting AGR’s values, vision, and direction

o    Engaging people in the meaning of AGR

o    Respecting and using the skills, expertise, experience, and insights of people

o    Providing direction and resources, removing barriers and helping develop people’s skills, articulating expectations and clarifying roles and relationships

o    Encouraging people to question organizational assumptions and ask strategic questions, ensuring quality decision-making.

o    Anticipating conflicts and facilitating resolution

o    Engaging people in process as well as tasks; encouraging people to use their power

o    Practicing God-given authority and accepting responsibility

o    Modeling behavior

o    Coaching people to success

·         Implements consistent policies, procedures, and forms for all departments and coordinates with the President regarding proposed changes to policies

·         Maintains client database

·         Formulates and provides monthly and year-end client statistics by program to the President

·         Supports all direct reports through regular check-ins, as well as quarterly reviews, ensuring individual work objectives achieve organizational strategic priorities.

·         Conducts yearly written and oral evaluations

·         Identifies client services staff training needs and establishes a training plan

·         Meets with all direct reports in the preparation process for the annual budget

·         Coordinates with the President and leadership team on the annual budget that is presented to the Board of Directors for approval

·         Oversees budgeted expenses for client services and explains unbudgeted expenses

·         Prepares client services strategic plans and new program proposal papers for the approval of the President and Board of Directors

·         Annually reviews program content, ensuring that each program is evidence based, up to date, and fulfilling strategic missional goals



Client and volunteer oversight

·         Develops and implements Client Satisfaction Surveys

·         Identifies new community partnerships to be used for referrals

·         Maintains a working relationship with agencies, physicians, churches, and organizations that refer clients or accept referrals from AGR

·         Works with Marketing to create promotional materials

·         Assists with volunteer training and recruitment process of new volunteers as needed

·         Assists employees as needed, including volunteer management, pregnancy test administration, client concerns, and other duties as required



·         Promotes and attends spring and fall fundraising events as well as required staff meetings

·         Engages in weekly Leadership team meetings as well as quarterly strategic planning meetings

·         Prepares and communicates updates about client services to the Leadership team as well as communicates leadership decisions to client services staff

·         Ensures that weekly prayer requests and monthly stories and quotes are provided to the Marketing Director

·         Assists with stories, quotes, photos, and videos for quarterly and annual publications and events

·         Performs other duties as assigned by supervisor



Qualifications for the Position


Education: Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Business, Social Work, Human Resources, Ministry, or other related field.  Social Work experience is preferred.


Prior work experience: At least five years of experience in a leadership capacity, (including proven organizational leadership in ministry or other community outreach related field), as well as experience in volunteer management, program development, and communications


Language proficiency

·         English required

·         Bilingual (English/Spanish) preferred


Skills and abilities

·         Strong organizational, administrative, and managerial skills

·         Proficiency in Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

·         Strong leadership abilities including strengths in organizational and program development and implementation

·         Strong verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills, as well as public speaking abilities

·         Ability to interact well with both individuals and groups from a variety of ethnicities and backgrounds

·         Ability to handle multiple responsibilities at once, manage time well, and take initiative


Essential requirements

·         Belief in the sanctity of human life

·         Demonstrated emotional and spiritual maturity

·         Committed Christian who faithfully attends a local church

·         Full agreement with the AGR Statement of Faith and AGR Statement of Lifestyle

·         Proven ability to respect diversity and confidentiality



Position Elements


Available guidelines: AGR Employee Handbook


Exercise of judgment: Works closely with the various directors while still using independent judgment on projects


Nature and level of contacts: Employees, volunteers, donors, clients, patients, and the general public


Supervision exercised: Direct supervision of eight staff members and indirect supervision of 100 volunteers


Time to perform full range of duties after entry into the position: Six months



Application Process


If interested, please email or mail a resume and cover letter to:


Attn: April DeMull

Alpha Grand Rapids

1725 Division Ave S

Grand Rapids, MI 49507


For questions, please call 616.459.9955.

Minorities and persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply.