US Digital Copywriting Specialist

US Digital Copywriting Specialist

US Digital Copywriting Specialist

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Job Description

Other - Full-time

Position Summary

Responsible for crafting creative and specific digital messaging for web, email, social, and app channels for the Our Daily Bread audience, as well as assigned growing sub-brands. 

Essential Functions:

  • Research and understand the felt needs and target audiences within the framework of the Our Daily Bread Ministries brand, utilizing findings to write impactful, audience-first, SEO-driven copy for web, email, social, and app channels.
  • Collaborate with US and Global Digital Marketing to interpret creative strategy briefs to develop and produce creative concepts through execution on assigned sub-brands.
  • Develop digital copywriting style guide to include in the ministry’s brand guidelines document that effectively communicates best practices for digital copywriting related to web, social, email, and app platforms.
  • Ability to take broad concepts and break it down into concise and compelling audience-centric messaging including, but not limited to, subject lines, headlines, call-to-actions, and blog posts.
  • Collaborate with the US print-focused communications team to create original content for a range of corporate marketing and communications materials as assigned.
  • Present digital copy concepts and final deliverables to internal team and participate in new campaign project presentations.
  • Contribute to post-project review meetings to assess analytics and KPIs with cross-functional teams and develop action items for future improvements.
  • Establish and maintain communication channels with public media sources to effectively represent the ministry and promote its products.
  • Maintain documentation of copy development processes and ensure accuracy of all copy written. 

Study and Knowledge or Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in digital marketing, marketing communications, journalism, or related discipline required.
  • Minimum of 2 years professional digital copywriting experience with solid portfolio of work.
  • A proven and high-level of digital marketing competency is a must (web, social media, email, app, etc.).
  • Exceptional writing and research skill required.
  • Must be creative in expressing project concepts, descriptions, and more.
  • Must be capable of strategic and tactical marketing effort planning and implementation.
  • Ability to work independently and with a team to meet deadlines.
  • Excellent organizational skill and multitasking ability are musts; capable of keeping track of details of several simultaneous projects and meet deadlines consistently.
  • Familiarity with Agile process for digital development, preferred expertise in Scale Agile Framework for enterprises (SAFE).
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, Asana, SalesForce Marketing Cloud, Adobe Acrobat Pro, Hootsuite, and content management systems.
  • Strive to live a life consistent with Biblical principles and demonstrate continued growth and spiritual development.

Internal Work Environment

Frequent communication skills will be required to deliver understanding on complex marketing efforts to various groups/ministry efforts and individuals throughout the ministry.   Will be a liaison between digital copywriting and various ministry efforts.  Positive communications, tact, and negotiation skills required.

External Work Environment

High degree of communication required in networking with other organizations, consultants and vendors. 

Responsible for copy that will be read by a broad public audience in digital formats and will have a high degree of influence on how the public views Our Daily Bread Ministries.

Leadership Responsibilities

Provides digital messaging expertise and best practices as it relates to the growing and expanding Our Daily Bread Ministries brand.

Stewardship of Resources

Decision made will have an impact on the budget.

Our Daily Bread strives to embody a Biblically based commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

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