Thrift Store Manager

Thrift Store Manager

Thrift Store Manager

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Job Description

Management - Part-time



The role of the Manager is to support the work of the Store Director on the store floor.  This includes providing coverage when the volunteer/cashier takes their break/lunch during the day.  The manager may also be called upon to fill-in as the Store Director for a portion of the day or a full day if the scheduled Director is unavailable or has appointments.

Scheduled Hours:

Two days per week at ten hours per day (usually from 9am to 7:30pm).  Days are scheduled as best possible in the monthly Managers’ Meeting.

Job Responsibilities Include:

·         Assisting cashiers when necessary

·         Maintaining the store floor (picking up items, rehanging clothing or putting away items, interacting with customers, pricing items when necessary, bringing items on to the store floor, etc.)

·         Covering for the Store Director when the Director is unavailable for any reason

·         Overseeing student/regular employees

·         Answering questions of customers and volunteers

·         Opening and Closing for the day they are working

·         Scheduling pick-ups as needed

·         Monitoring the donation area to keep space available for donations

·         Assisting with pickups or drop-offs in the Warehouse as needed

·         Assisting the Volunteer Workers

Pay Rate:  $15.00/hour starting wage

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