Store Director, The Acorn Resale Shop

Store Director, The Acorn Resale Shop

Store Director, The Acorn Resale Shop

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Job Description

Management - Full-time




At Camp Roger, we believe that Christians share the following core beliefs and convictions:


1.     First, that there is one true God who is made known to his creation through the person of the Trinity: The Father who created us, Jesus Christ the Son who died for us, and the Holy Spirit who guides us.


2.     Second, that the Bible is the true and inspired Word of God, revealing God’s character and redemptive story of his creation.


3.     Third, that God’s worldwide church, which includes all Christians, has been called and equipped to co-labor with Christ in building the kingdom on earth.


As a diverse group of Christians, we seek to live in order to find our center in Christ for the purpose of serving God together. We commit to working in the same direction together, orienting ourselves toward Christ in all things.


Staff Cultural Characteristics:


1.     Growth mindset


2.     Christ-centered life


3.     Humility


4.     Pursues unity and reconciliation


5.     Loves and cares for others


Responsibilities and Duties:


1.     Leadership:


a.     Set vision of store and yearly strategic goals to further the mission of the store.


b.     Promote the spiritual/mission component of The Acorn Resale Shop.


c.     Steward resources and relationships well for the advancement of the store.


d.     Create personnel development plans for each leadership team member.


e.     Collaborate with community organizations with the purpose of furthering each organizations mission.


f.      Be present in the store and set a positive example for all employees.




2.     Management


a.     In conjunction with Executive Director, set yearly revenue goals and expense budget for store.


b.     Responsible for overall financial outcomes of store.


c.     Responsible for leadership team management including scheduling, individual performance reviews, documentation of issues with improvement action plans and assigning job responsibilities.


d.     Recruit and schedule volunteers.


e.     Support Asst. Store Director in volunteer training, scheduling, and support of volunteers. 


3.     Communication:           


a.     Set and lead regular leadership and volunteer meetings.


b.     Set policies and procedures for operations, accepting goods, pricing, cleaning, and organizing, communicating changes and updates in a timely manner.


c.     Send notes of encouragement, sympathy, thanks to volunteers and donors.


d.     Quarterly communication with Board of Directors.


e.     Write update articles for Oak and White Pine newsletter.


f.      Send weekly store update and scheduling needs to volunteers. 


4.     Daily operations:


a.     Responsible for overall appearance and cleanliness of facilities including facility maintenance, yard maintenance, and repairs.


b.     Act as floor manager per scheduled shifts including cashier, customer support and problem solving.


c.     Act as back of house manager as needed.


d.     Accountable for cash flow in and out of the store including keeping coin supply stocked and weekly reconciliation of cash bank.


e.     Order supplies and/or merchandise when needed.


f.      Document injuries and incidents and submit to Associate Director.


g.     Manage furniture pickups, recycle clothing, and bike repair.


h.     Trouble shoot and problem solve as situations arise.


i.      Coordinate front floor display in conjunction with the Asst. Store Director.




Responsible to: Executive Director/Associate Director






1.     Agrees to sign and strive to live up to the standards outlined in Camp Roger’s Faith and Life Covenant (located at

2.     5+ years of supervising employees.

3.     2+ years of retail management experience.

4.     Volunteer management experience is helpful.

5.     Ability to lift 20 lbs.

6.     Working knowledge of Office 365.

7.     Attention to detail and ability to problem-solve.

8.     Excellent written and communication skills.


Compensation and Benefits:


1.     This is a salaried position averaging 45 hours per week ranging from $40,000 – $50,000 per year and commensurate with experience.


2.     Health and dental insurance are available.


3.     PTO days accrue based on longevity, plus 7 holiday days per year.


4.     Simple IRA plan with organizational match up to 3%.


5.     Employee Assistance Plan through Pine Rest.


6.     Facility rental discount.


7.     Summer camp discounts.


To Apply:


1.     Send resume and cover letter to


2.     Interviews to take place as resumes are received.


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