Spanish Teacher

Spanish Teacher

Spanish Teacher

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Education - Part-time

EPIC Homeschool Academy is looking for a teacher for 
a Spanish teacher for elementary, middle, and high school levels. Classes are from 9am-2:00pm on Mondays throughout 2021-2022 School Year. In-person teaching is required on Mondays and then the teacher provides learning materials for the rest of the week for students to complete at home.
Individuals would be asked to teach from the preselected curriculum along with teacher preference materials. They will provide unique project-based learning experiences, classroom interactions, coursework for student completion throughout the week, and necessary assessments. Skills in classroom management, communication, and differentiated instruction are important. Use of a school software system (cloud based) and access to google products are important for communication within EPIC.
While a teaching certificate or experience is preferred, we are willing to look at uniquely qualified individuals for the field, especially if there is knowledge or experience in the homeschool environment.
Teaching at EPIC can be a wonderful experience opportunity that may lead to other teaching roles within EPIC or other local co-ops and organizations. Salary is made per teaching hour on Mondays (28 class weeks at approx $70 per class hour) with a 1099.

About EPIC Homeschool Academy

EPIC Homeschool Academy exists to Encourage Parents and Inspire Children in their homeschooling journeys. EPIC meets on Mondays at Peace Church in Middleville, Michigan. By offering a one-day-a-week experience, and a community of like-minded families, EPIC inspires students by providing experts who coach them in their studies. And, EPIC equips and empowers parents to help their children achieve excellence in academics, faith, and service. EPIC’s foundation is built on five core values of academic excellence, project-based learning, service, discipleship, and community. First and foremost, our classes are taught with a Christian worldview. Each subject area reflects an aspect of who God is and how we can grow, serve, and worship Him. EPIC Teachers act as mentor teachers to parents. Equipping families with unique in-person experiences on Mondays and assigning work and projects to be completed at home by the student. This arrangement often works well for teachers who are looking for part-time work or who have opportunities at other co-ops or organizations.


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