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Accounting / Finance - Part-time

About the job

Would you love to use your sonography training and skills to come alongside women who need support? We are hiring a part-time ultrasound tech (flexible hours!) who can provide Alpha Grand Rapids (AGR) with professional sonographer services by compassionately serving patients with ultrasounds. Additional responsibilities include providing pregnancy tests, pregnancy and options education, and STI testing. This person should be a Registered Diagnostic Medical Professional or Registered eligible, be a strong Christian, and be capable of meeting with people who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. See job description below.


Patient Management (Ultrasound)

  • Explains standard ultrasound procedures and addresses patient concerns to foster a sense of comfort and confidence
  • Performs diagnostic sonography procedures and obtains diagnostic images in accordance with AGR’s medical protocols
  • Analyzes technical information related to procedures performed
  • Provides a preliminary digital summary of the technical findings to the reading physician and includes an oral report if necessary
  • Keeps accurate patient files
  • Coordinates with other staff members regarding follow-up care
  • Builds supportive relationships with patients during medical appointments and with follow up calls or appointments as necessary or appropriate, including coordinating with the nurse manager or men’s center director for further care


Patient Management (Pregnancy Tests, Options Counseling, STI tests)

  • Performs pregnancy tests, assesses patient needs, and provides options counseling related to parenting, adoption, and abortion
  • Explains abortion risks, procedures, and potential complications to abortion-minded patients
  • Performs STI tests, assesses patient risk, provides counseling, and follows up with results and necessary referrals
  • Provides general referrals to patients based on needs (medical, food, housing, jobs, etc.)



  • Coordinates medical appointments with the Nurse Manager and Client Services Associate
  • Manages client intake and release forms
  • Operates and maintains ultrasound scanning equipment
  • Records patients’ visits in WayCool software and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
  • Keeps medical files and forms up to date and maintains a supply of current printed forms
  • Managers and records abortion-minded calls and any other medically related inquiries
  • Assists with stories, quotes, photos, and videos for quarterly and annual publications and events
  • Coordinates with the Nurse Manager or VP of Client Services to report CPS cases as needed




  • Oversees any accident which happens on the premises and creates incident report if the nurse manager isn’t available
  • Participates in all required staff meetings
  • Takes part in professional development as desired, recommended, or required
  • Performs other duties as assigned by supervisor