Snowflake Data Engineer

Snowflake Data Engineer

Snowflake Data Engineer

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Job Description

Technical - Full-time

Position Summary:

The Snowflake Data Engineer is responsible for managing and optimizing our Snowflake data warehouse environment to support our data-driven initiatives.  This position will be responsible for overseeing the Snowflake data warehouse, ensuring its availability, performance, security, and scalability. The Snowflake Data Engineer works closely with the Business Intelligence team and cross-functional teams to enhance the ministry’s data services and data management.


Essential Functions:

  1. Oversee the Snowflake data warehouse, ensuring its availability, performance, security, and scalability.
  2. Manage Snowflake users, roles, and resource monitors, ensuring compliance with security and data governance policies.
  3. Monitor and optimize Snowflake’s performance and cost, including query tuning and optimizing data storage.
  4. Collaborate with BI and software teams to design and implement effective data models and ETL processes.
  5. Focused on data engineering by building, maintaining, and optimizing Streams, Tasks, Stored Procedures, Functions, Views, Materialized Views, and Dynamic Tables.
  6. Stay current with Snowflake features and updates, implementing best practices and upgrades.
  7. Assist in data migration projects, ensuring smooth and efficient transfer to data to the Snowflake environment.
  8. Provide technical support and training to team members on Snowflake usage and best practices.
  9. Prepare and maintain detailed documentation regarding the Snowflake environment, including configuration, processes, and policies.
  10. Work closely with Snowflake support to resolve any technical issues.

 Study or Knowledge or Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in information technology, or equivalent experience.
  • Proven experience (2+ years) in a Snowflake Administration role, participating in the design and implementation of complex data solutions in large-scale organizations.
  • Proficency in SQL and experience with ETL tools and processes.
  • Familiarity with data warehousing concepts, data modeling, and big data technologies.
  • Experience with Snowflake security management, data sharing and performance tuning.
  • SnowPro certifications a plus.
  • Understanding of external integrations such as Azure Blob Storage.
  • Understanding of Salesforce CRM and Marketing Cloud.
  • Understand of CCPA and GPDR.
  • Strong problem-solving skills, with the ability to analyze complex business processes and design scalable solutions.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to effectively collaborate with diverse teams and stakeholders.
  • Knowledge of Agile methodologies and project management practices.
  • Strive to live a life consistent with biblical principles, engaged with the Bible on a consistent basis and demonstrate continued growth and spiritual development.

Internal Work Environment:

Develop, maintain, and improve communication channels among various teams and departments to ensure effective flow or information throughout the organization Facilitate cross-functional collaboration and teamwork. Handle sensitive situations or controversial issues with tact, discretion, and sensitivity. Exhibit excellent judgement regarding the appropriate content and timing of communications. Break down complex concepts into easily understandable formats for various audiences across the organization. Develop strategies to present and share complex information. Create and deliver software demonstrations for meetings and other high-level gatherings.

External Communication:

Establish and maintain communication with vendors, partners, and other external stakeholders, understand their needs, expectations, and requirements to foster positive and productive relationships and model biblical principles.

Leadership Responsibility:

Provide technical guidance on Snowflake to solve complex business problems.

Stewardship of Resources:

Contribute to the budget planning process for data initiatives, providing expert input on anticipated resources required for data, storage, as well as necessary tools and technologies.  Offer insightful feedback to ensure cost-effectiveness and alignment with project goals.


Our Daily Bread Ministries is a nondenominational nonprofit with staff and volunteers across the globe and resources distributed in 150 countries and in more than 50 languages. As a global ministry faithful to biblical principles, our commitment to diversity is reflected in our ministry’s mission, vision, values, and ethos.            

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