Senior Editor

Senior Editor

Senior Editor

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Job Description

Other - Full-time

Acquire and edit manuscripts for accuracy, organization, flow, appropriate style, sound biblical exegesis, clarity and conciseness of language, word choice, and appealing presentation; Oversees and coordinates the production of books and related publications; Manages key partnership publishing relationships. 

Essential Functions:

  1. Manage the ongoing production of a publication from conception to Production. This includes scheduling, creating copy, editing, artwork creation (with design), and monitoring quality. 
  2. Work closely with industry agents to acquire content that meet the ministry standards for publishing. 
  3. Make first-pass evaluation of incoming manuscripts before presenting to the Editorial Review Committee.  
  4. Evaluate and perform substantive editing for manuscripts and/or other ODBM content, giving feedback to authors and writers for revision.
  5. Co-manage the Editorial Assistants for the department. 
  6. Work closely with Publisher and Executive Editor to fill seasonal publishing pipeline. 
  7. Work with Marketing and Sales to develop distribution plans for ODB Publishing products. 
  8. Develop and mentor writers and editors for all ministry efforts.
  9. Provide writing and editorial counsel for other ODB publications.

Study or Knowledge and Experience:

  • BA degree in English and a theological or biblical understanding. 
  • Four years practical experience in the related field (journalism, publishing, etc.), including two years of experience as a managing editor. 
  • Leadership skills required. 
  • Current knowledge of trends in evangelicalism and Christian publishing. 
  • Strive to live a life consistent with Biblical principles and demonstrate continued growth and spiritual development. 
  • Must be in alignment both personally and professionally with the overall mission and goals of the ministry. 

Internal Work Environment:

  • Extensive communication with work teams involved in the production of ODB Publishing materials. Communication may be sensitive in handling personnel and author-related issues.

External Communication Requirements:

  • Frequent communication with outside writers, agents, and free-lance editors.
  • Responsible for communication with the ministry’s public through a ministry publication.

Leadership Responsibility:

  • Is a leader on the publishing editorial team. 
  • Responsible for working with staff and staff-related issues as directed or as they arise. 
  • Provides guidance and direction involved in the production of publications. 

Stewardship of Resources:

  • Responsible to maintain quality and scheduling standards.
  • Influences the establishment of the budget. Works with other teams to identify cost saving opportunities.

Miscellaneous notes for consideration:

  • Involves some travel.

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