Scientific Development Adjunct Instructor

Scientific Development Adjunct Instructor

Scientific Development Adjunct Instructor

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Job Description

Education - Part-time


Compass College of Film & Media is looking for an amazing Science major with a master’s degree who comes in twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays from 1p to 2:30p, to teach our campus Scientific Developments class for this Spring Term (Jan 3rd – Apr 21, 2023). There is an open office time requirement and a training period depending on your experience. We are open to training the right new instructor.


This is an on-campus adjunct parttime position.


Let’s answer some basic questions we get during our phone interviews.



Who are we?


We’re Compass College of Film & Media. A film and media college in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan, that focuses on a hands-training approach, and as a result, has a strong student success rate in the industry.


You’re a Christian Film School, what does that mean?


It means our core principles are Biblically based. We welcome and educate a variety of students regardless of their faith and seek to teach them a strong work ethic, integrity, and to love their neighbors as themselves.


Do I need to be a Christian to work there?


Being a Christian is not an instructor requirement, but our instructors do need to be able to work in an environment that is open to diversity while following Biblical principles in how they treat people. Those Biblical principles focus on respect, a strong work ethic, integrity, and to love their neighbors as themselves.


Who do we need?


A creative and detail-oriented individual who can express their knowledge to the next generation of filmmakers and content creators. Compass College of Film & Media employs educators not only for their industry knowledge and skills but how they express those skills and knowledge in a hands-on classroom setting. Someone who demonstrates a strong work ethic, people skills, and integrity in how they interact with the student and integrates those values into their instruction so that the students see how to apply this. These are key qualities that prospective employers are looking for from our graduates


When would does the term start and stop?


The term runs from 01/03/2023 to 04/21/2023 with final grades and final attendance due by 04/28/2023.


When is Spring Break?


Spring Break is Monday, Feb 27 – Friday, March 3, 2023, we do not have class those days.


What is the last day of class?


The last day of classes is Friday, April 21, 2023, and final grades are due on Friday, April 28, 2023.




We Look forward to hearing from you! Below are the Course Description and other pertinent information.


Course Name and Description:


MTS372 Scientific Developments


In this course, students will be introduced to scientific literacy; application of the scientific method; and scientific communication, including terminology, writing, and multimedia. Special emphasis will be placed on information processing in the brain; comparative anatomy of the brain using case studies of audio and visual experimentation; and interactive study of audio-visual circuitry and cognition.


Course Learning Outcomes:


Identify key parts of the scientific method.


Design experiments to test hypotheses.


Evaluate scientific evidence.


Communicate scientific material using appropriate terminology in writing and multimedia.


Understand the structure and function of the nervous system.


Synthesize connections between the physical body and world perception.


What the Key Duties and Responsibilities Are:


Create an environment conducive to learning that aligns with Compass College of Film & Media’s standards and policies based on our description of a Christian Media College.


Perform lectures for campus courses. Teaching will be conducted through on-campus delivery in two (2) 90-minute sessions per week. Our Class times run between 8:30a and 9:30p this term.


Create and/or Update Curriculum and activities that meet college, accreditation, and industry standards.


Interact in a positive manner in a diverse student population and provide all with equal opportunities for learning and growth.


Demonstrate a commitment to the mission and values of Compass College of Film & Media.


Adhere to Compass College of Film & Media’s policies and procedures, including grading and attendance requirements.


Maintain strict confidentiality of student and college information, this includes FERPA and Non-Disclosure covered materials.


Grade and provide quality feedback within a week of the student submitting.


Perform other duties as assigned.


Requirements of this Position:


A minimum of a master’s degree with appropriate academic coursework and preparation in the subject area(s) taught.


Supervisory Responsibilities:




Certifications, Licenses, and Registrations:




Competencies and Skills:


Strong organizational, analytical, and interpersonal skills.


Exceptional written and verbal communication skills.


Strong ability to proofread and edit for grammar and punctuation.


Ability to work independently and collaboratively with teachers and college staff.


Ability to interact with students and colleagues professionally and constructively at all levels.


Proficiency in using software such as Office 365, Adobe Creative Cloud, and other industry-standard software.




Language Requirements:


Compass College of Film & Media is an English based speaking institution. While other languages and cultural lexicon are respected, we maintain an English based curriculum and communication system.


Environmental Factors/Physical Demands:


Work is performed in an office, classroom, and set environment. While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to stand and preform lectures, use industry stand equipment in correlation to the course they teach, maintain active student and employee communication; access, input and retrieve information from the computer system. May be subject to: bending, reaching, kneeling, stooping and lifting up to thirty (30) pounds unassisted.


Job Type: Temporary