Resident Assistant (with free rent)

Resident Assistant (with free rent)

Resident Assistant (with free rent)

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Job Description

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Homes Giving Hope is looking for someone to live in a house with 3 other gentlemen who have mild disiabilities.  This person will live there for free in exchange for services.  Great opportunity for someone wanting to have a meaningful experience making a difference in others’ lives.  


Job Posting

Position: Resident Assistant for Men

Homes Giving Hope is a Christ-Centered living community providing opportunities for uniquely abled adults seeking to live a more independent life.

JOB SUMMARY: The Resident Assistant (RA) will live at Homes Giving Hope as a roommate, role model and leader and provide light support for residents who live there. 

  • Live in the home and be home during the overnights, securing the home.

  • Offer connection opportunities to residents by providing/participating in 2 evening meals per week, devotions, activities and a time to connect.

  • Plan and participate in home care through daily/weekly chores.

  • Be a role model in the home on how to interact and get along with others in a living situation.

  • Be aware of the general needs of each resident, support needs in a way that promotes independence.

  • Provide positive interactions with family and friends who visit residents.

  • Work with leaders to provide a healthy and safe environment.

  • Uphold Christian values as outlined in our core values.

  • Offer friendship and activities organically as opportunities arise.

  • Continue with work opportunities outside the home, providing a role model to residents.

  • Support residents in areas identified by the Plan for Supporting Needs.

REPORTING RELATIONSHIP/TRAINING: The Resident Assistant will be supported through training and structure in the home by working alongside the Coordinator of Residential Affairs (CRA).


  • Provided: Private room, shared bathroom, shared living areas, all utilities, evenings meals if desired

  • Compensation for assigned evening shifts and weekends.

  • Commit to 2 weekends overnights per month(Friday and Saturday 10:00 p.m. – 7:00 a.m.) 

**Great opportunity for someone looking to save for the future and be a part of a growing ministry.

If interested, send a resume and letters of recommendation to:   

For questions contact: Kay Wood 616-916-8130


Visit our website to learn more: