Property Team Leader

Property Team Leader

Property Team Leader

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Job Description

Mechanical - Full-time



Location:                    MVP SPORTS CLUBS- MICHIGAN

Department:              PROPERTY MANAGEMENT

Reports To:                 REGIONAL PROPERTY MANAGER



To provide contractor-level preventative maintenance and repair of building systems and Athletic Club and Studios equipment. Assist the Regional Property Manager in the day-to-day operation of all construction, maintenance, and preventative maintenance needs of MVP Sports Clubs.



  1. Supervise inspections and repairs of HVAC systems, boilers, pool systems, steam room generators, sauna room heaters, building systems, etc., which do not require a subcontractor.  
  2. Overseeing equipment removal and installations, with proper set up per MVP Sports Clubs standards.
  3. Assist the Regional Property Manager with inspecting the completion of work by Property Team Members, when in the building for scheduled visits.
  4. Oversee and participate in overnight projects with Team Members and Service Providers (i.e.; painting projects, floor maintenance projects, etc.).
  5. Responsible for the immediate resolution of “critical” work orders, working closely with the Regional Property Manager and Property Team Members.
  6. Establish and maintain team schedules for the Property Team to insure appropriate coverage.
  7. Assist in developing an annual budget and stay within that budget without sacrificing quality.
  8. Develop maintenance manuals/Standard Operating Procedures for HVAC, aquatics, housekeeping, landscaping, exercise equipment, etc.
  9. Assist in the continued development of preventive maintenance logs/schedules for HVAC, aquatics, housekeeping, landscaping, exercise equipment, etc.
  10. Provide timely equipment maintenance and repairs to assure that a minimal amount of down time.
  11. Coordinate and implement office moves.
  12. Purchase equipment, tools, appliances and other items at the request of the of Property Management.
  13. Build and or assemble shelving, workbenches, storage rooms, doors, walls and equipment.
  14. Coordinate and supervise all electrical, plumbing, HVAC and painting needs.
  15. Supervise special construction and remodeling for Michigan MVP Sports Clubs properties.
  16. Conduct all necessary chemical and pressure tests for the aquatics area and maintain appropriate maintenance records for government agencies.
  17. Work with Property Management to assure that the building and its physical plants are monitored and overseen in such a way that the organization’s assets do not deteriorate beyond ordinary usage.
  18. Maintain service checklist on all equipment for daily usage.
  19. Participate in local and out of area continuing education and certification courses for facility equipment and operations.
  20. Develop and maintain an equipment journal for repairs.
  21. Assist in the development and maintaining a comprehensive inventory plan.
  22. Establish and maintain a positive relationship with the Tenants within the Michigan MVP Sports Clubs properties by staying current with their operational facility needs.
  23. Supervise and provide feedback regarding all contract services to include cleaning, electricians, heating and cooling, plumbers, landscapers, etc. to assure that all work is of an appropriate quality and completed on a timely basis.
  24. Learn and manage software specific to Property Management (Facility Dude, lighting, signage, etc.). 
  25. Attend at least one Operations Team Meeting per month in the Athletic Club.
  1. Attend and participate in regular Service Game training sessions as directed by supervisor.
  2. Assist with all appropriate staff appraisals and merit programs in a timely and efficient manner.
  3. Required to work independently with minimal supervision from Regional Property Manager.
  4. Maintain a neat and professional personal appearance, by wearing the MVP Sports Clubs inform (see uniform matrix) and name badge.
  5. Other duties assigned.



  1. 3 to 5 years experience in building/facilities management
  2. Must be able to read and interpret blueprints.
  3. Must maintain a budget that does not sacrifice a high quality standard.
  4. Excellent people skills.
  5. Excellent organizational skills.
  6. Proficient computer skills windows Word Perfect and Visio.
  7. Ability to handle many tasks simultaneously while also providing attention to detail.
  8. Must be willing to work long and flexible hours without advance notice, including nights and weekends. 
  9. Must be on call for designated times and be able to respond accordingly.
  10. Ability to make decisions in emergency situations in the best interest of RDV Sportsplex.
  11. Professional appearance required.
  1. Physical Requirements:  Bend, stoop, crouch, climb, stand, sit and turn/pivot, lift/lower, push, pull and carry up to 40 lbs.  Perform office tasks using simple hand grasping, fine hand manipulation and reach associated with assigned tasks such as paperwork, typing, and/or word processing, filing, calculating and use of telephone. See, hear, and speak with sufficient capability to perform assigned tasks and maintain proper job safety conditions.
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