Properties Manager

Properties Manager

Properties Manager

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Job Description

Other - Full-time


The Properties Manager will be responsible for managing multiple private residences in various locations regionally, nationally, and internationally. The Properties Manager will serve as the main point of contact for all of the properties, and responsibilities include overseeing preventative care and maintenance, management of projects on the buildings and grounds, as well as managing a team of employees and contractors who assist with day-to-day tasks. The Properties Manager role is a full-time, salary-exempt position. The primary work location for this position is on-site at the private estate located in Ada, MI, and includes regional, national, and occasional international travel to other properties.

Buttonwood Capital Management is seeking a forward-thinking, positive, and dedicated individual, who is proactive, attentive to meticulous detail, and thrives in a hands-on work environment. The ideal individual will possess a strong work ethic and have the ability to maintain a realistic balance among multiple priorities.



Household Maintenance

·      Conduct regular and in-depth interior and exterior maintenance inspections throughout the residences and properties, reporting and responding to findings as appropriate. This includes:

o   Identify and trouble shoot problems and issues

o   Perform minor repairs and preventative maintenance

o   Source competitive bids for projects as required

o   Coordinate and oversee major repairs with appropriate contractors, ensuring successful and satisfactory completion

·       Coordinate closely with the Property Supervisor regarding building and property matters of the primary residence in Ada

·       Develop intimate working knowledge and maintenance of all household systems (phones, HVAC, interior/exterior lighting, appliances, recreational and exercise equipment, generators, plumbing, and others)

·       Maintain stock of supplies such as light bulbs, cleaning supplies, batteries, and other miscellaneous replacement/repair items

·       Ensure all payments made to contractors are accurate, appropriate, and negotiated in the best interests of the Heads of Household

·       Keep accurate record of maintenance items

·       Arrange and monitor regular services such as trash removal, pool mechanical maintenance, carpet cleaning, window washing, painting, exterminators, and other grounds and building interior and exterior services for all properties, as needed

Grounds Maintenance

·       Conduct regular and in-depth inspections of the grounds, including lawn, landscaping, sprinkler systems, walkways, pool, and ponds. Report and respond to findings as appropriate, including:

o   Identify and trouble shoot problems and issues

o   Perform minor repairs and preventative maintenance

o   Source competitive bids for projects as required

o   Coordinate and oversee major repairs with appropriate contractors, ensuring successful and satisfactory completion

·       Maintain grounds equipment, such as tractors, bobcats, mowers, etc., including small engine and oil level maintenance and keeping propane fuel tanks full

·       Ensure recreational equipment is ready for use at all times, making necessary repairs or disposing and replacing items as needed

·       Maintain service records and proper paperwork, such as registrations, insurance, etc., for all vehicles, including tracking of repair requirements

Management and Other Responsibilities

·       Manage team of employees and contractors, including:

o   Assign, direct, and oversee work

o   Manage training, development, and performance of staff and conduct performance reviews

o   Review and approve timecards, including management of overtime

·       Serve as Project Manager for special projects and construction related work at all properties

·       Work closely with Heads of Household and serve as owner’s representative on property related projects, renovations, consultant relationships, analysis, etc.

·       Perform special projects and requests of Head(s) of Household

·       Assist in planning, coordinating, and executing special events held on the properties


·       General mechanical knowledge and basic skill level in trades such as HVAC, plumbing, appliances, painting, small engines, etc.

·       Previous landscaping/grounds experience, including knowledge regarding proper care and maintenance of lawn, trees, shrubs, flowers, etc.

·       Knowledge and experience in building construction (residential or commercial)

·       Previous management experience preferred

·       Strong interpersonal and communication skills, approaching all interactions with a servant’s heart

·       High attention to detail, organization, and follow-through of daily routines

·       Ability to maintain a highly productive work output without immediate supervision

·       Ability to lift 30 pounds to a maximum height of 6 feet, including occasional lifting up to 80 pounds

·       Ability to stoop, bend, kneel, climb, and remain standing and walking on feet for lengthy periods of time

·       Ability to safely operate power machinery and lawn care tools such as mowers, edgers, clippers, Bobcat, snow plow, etc.

·       Ability to work outdoors in all types of weather conditions

Other Requirements

·       Responsibilities of the Properties Manager are conducted in a private residence. While an employer/employee relationship exists, it is important the employee is genuinely committed to the goal of the household staff team in positively contributing to a Christian home environment.

·       Must demonstrate professionalism, pride and enthusiasm in service, possessing characteristics of dependability, dedication, responsibility, and acting with high integrity.

·       Engaging personality, sociability, and articulate communication is necessary, as interaction with heads of household, family members, and guests will occur on a regular basis.

·       The privacy and security of the heads of household, family members, employer, and all affiliated entities are of critical importance, and the highest level of confidentiality in both business and personal matters of the heads of household, family members, employer and all affiliated entities must be exercised at all times.