Production Artist

Production Artist

Production Artist

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Job Description

Other - Full-time

Position Summary

The Production Artist for Our Daily Bread Ministries is responsible for coordinating and executing reprint updates for books, booklets, and other products, as well as pre-press and file management needs. The person in this position will also serve as the liaison for our global offices to provide files or other production information as needed and will make requests on behalf of the US office.

Essential Functions

  • Coordinate, manage, and execute reprints for all book, booklets, and other products, including pre-press protocols and re-packaging and re-archiving files.
  • Work between project management, supply chain, and design to ensure output files meet the technical specifications required for inhouse printing, as well as for those of many print vendors.
  • Lead design for templated projects such as member cards and envelopes.
  • Manage miscellaneous file requests for Amazon, Our Daily Bread Ministries many website properties, packaged INDD files for global teams, etc. 
  • Serve as the liaison/point person for all our global offices to provide files and any other production information needed. Request files from various global offices as needed for use by the US office as well.
  • Maintain the Google Drive space used for file transfer and ensure that files needed are received in a timely manner. File requested come from various teams including marketing, design, publishing, and media, and more.
  • Assist and back up US designers as needed and participate in miscellaneous projects as assigned.

Study or Knowledge and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in design, technical design, production art, or similar area of concentration required.
  • Experience with design and production in the publishing industry preferred but not required.
  • At least two years of professional experience in design, technical design, production, or similar area required.
  • Must be capable of working in time-sensitive situations.
  • Must be capable of coordinating and executing multiple projects and keep track of all necessary details.
  • Demonstrate ability to be a self-starter and assertive in dealing with individuals/groups/vendors.
  • Capable of excellent diplomatic oral/written communication skills including knowledge and ability to negotiate depending upon need. 
  • Strive to live a life consistent with Biblical principles and demonstrate continued growth and spiritual development.

Internal Work Environment

  • Must be capable of diplomatic partnership style communication with various teams.
  • Persuasion, discretion, and tact needed to educate and gain support for complex design projects.

 External Work Environment

  • High degree of communication required in networking with vendors and freelancers. Professionalism, and assertiveness required.
  • Responsible for decisions that will affect public views of the ministry.

 Leadership Responsibilities

  • Able to lead with excellence and provide explanation of design projects to involved departments/individuals so that all involved fully understand projects.

 Stewardship of Resources

  • Along with other team members associated with Discovery Series, responsible for the continued success of brands and related marketing efforts. 


  • Some travel might be required. 

*All applicants are asked to provide work samples via link or uploaded files to be considered for an initial interview. 

Our Daily Bread strives to embody a Biblically based commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

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