Preschool Program Director

Preschool Program Director

Preschool Program Director

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Job Description

Education - Full-time

Preschool Program Director

St. Mark Lutheran Church and Preschool, Kentwood

Purpose: The program director is responsible for overseeing the preschool education programs.

Qualifications: The program director must meet the qualifications of the director position as defined in the State of Michigan Licensing Rules for Child Care Centers. The program director’s life and vocation should embody Christian faith, principles and values. They must have a genuine passion for education and a love for God’s children. They must work cooperatively with church boards, church members, ministry leaders and staff, and the Senior Pastor to achieve the objectives and goals of the church and its ministry of the preschool.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

· Shall conduct the day-to-day business of the preschool program including being available to address parent, child, and staff concerns and questions

· Shall answer all preschool enrollment related inquiries and conducts preschool tours for prospective enrollees

· Shall develop, implement, and evaluate preschool policies and programs

· Shall maintain a facility that is in compliance with health, safety, and licensing regulations in accordance with the State of Michigan Licensing Rules for Child Care Centers

· Shall oversee attendance, conduct, health and safety of all preschool students, staff, and volunteers

· Shall arrange for substitutes of staff when necessary to ensure correct child/caregiver ratios are maintained, in accordance with the Michigan Licensing Rules for Child Care Centers

· Shall coordinate programs with the Senior Pastor and other ministry leaders to encourage mutual support for the programs and to provide the most positive experience for all children connected to St. Mark Lutheran Church and Preschool

· Shall coordinate preschool chapel with the Senior Pastor and other ministry leaders

· Shall prepare and submit a proposed annual budget for the preschool ministry to the Senior Pastor along with an annual ministry plan with goals

· Shall comply with the church spending policy and the approved yearly budget

· Shall ensure the recording and filing of pertinent information regarding the preschool, students, and staff and maintain records per the record retention policy

· Shall oversee the preschool teaching staff under the direction of the Senior Pastor

· Shall keep the Senior Pastor, congregation, and preschool community clearly informed of the events and activities of the preschool and the status and needs of the preschool

· Shall be responsible for maintaining the curriculum of all preschool educational programs

· Shall complete yearly evaluations for all direct reporting staff, encouraging continued professional development and spiritual growth

· Shall configure the preschool staff based on approved annual budget and licensing guidelines

· Shall assume preschool classroom teaching or aiding responsibilities as necessary, the amount of time determined annually based on staffing allocations and student enrollment, upholding the standards in the Preschool Teacher or Aide job descriptions

· Shall attend staff leadership meetings as required by the Senior Pastor

· Shall abide by the current enrollment and tuition policies and ensure that the preschool is in compliance

· Shall be responsible for any other duties as assigned by the Senior Pastor

The preschool students begin their school year in September and they continue through May.

A complete job description and program director requirements for licensing are available upon request. Director hours, salary and benefits will be discussed in the interview process.

To apply: Sent resume and cover letter to St. Mark Lutheran Church, 1934 52nd St SE, Kentwood, MI 49508