Preschool Assistant

Preschool Assistant

Preschool Assistant

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Education - Part-time

Bethel Community Education

Preschool Assistant: Job Description


The Preschool Assistant will give evidence of a deep love for Christ, and will exemplify Him in all of his/her work to further the mission of Bethel Community Education. This person will have a passion to assist the Preschool Guide in mentoring a diverse community of learners of varied abilities and families of all socio-economic and faith backgrounds. The Preschool Assistant will have the exciting opportunity to aid the Preschool Guide in: 

  1. Cultivating a welcoming, safe, learning environment for preschool learners.

  2. Fostering a learning community that desires to grow as disciples of Christ.

  3. Empowering first-time, curious learners to grow and become independent.

  4. Equipping learners to grow spiritually, emotionally, mentally, behaviorally, socially and academically.

  5. Developing and implementing age appropriate: 

    1. 3-week and 6-week explorations that engage learners in real-world experiences.

    2. Bible curriculum including Bible stories preparation, scripture verse explanations, character traits of God activities, and mini chapels planning. 

This person will show strength in assisting the Preschool Guide in: 

  1. The creation of engaging, hands-on explorations.

  2. Providing needed guidance for learners.

  3. Fostering a positive community both in the preschool program and with the collaborative Bethel team.

  4. Regularly communicating with the Preschool Guide, School Director, and Assistant Director in order to play a vital role in the evolving educational pedagogy in our early learner program, and most importantly display the characteristics of a servant leader as a spiritual leader in the preschool program.


  1. Professes Jesus Christ as his/her personal Savior and lives accordingly.

  2. Has a contagious passion for the mission of Bethel Community Education.

  3. Can work well in a close, collaborative environment and has earned the respect of peers.

  4. Able to work with energy and zeal on long-term and short-term projects. He/she is comfortable working with a variety of people, including learners, employees, volunteers, constituents and others.

  5. Display excellent, creative communication skills both verbally, and in writing and print.

  6. Discretion in handling confidential information.

  7. Actively listens, is open-minded, and seeks to guide each learner in a path that develops their God-given gifts, strengthens their weaknesses, and celebrates accomplishments. 

  8. Experience in education and has an up to date teaching certificate, or is working toward their teaching certificate. 



  1. Represent the mission and vision of Bethel Community Education.

  2. Seek to discern the will of God for Bethel Community Education.

  3. Reflect with the team on what is being done (spiritually, pedagogically, emotionally, behaviorally, day-to-day and session-to-session schedule) and make proposals to the Board of Directors if/when needed to seek what is best for the mission.

  4. Regularly meet with the Preschool Guide to discuss the development and implementation of the preschool program, the culture of the classroom, and any other necessary items.

  5. Aid in the development and implementation of the curriculum to meet the needs of the preschool learners.

  6. Report to the Preschool Guide on questions pertaining to the needs of learners, the program, and the implementation for the Bethel model.

  7. Aid in the creation of engaging Explorations that provide learners with real-world learning experiences through onsite and offsite opportunities (expert visitors, field trips).

  8. If/when necessary, in a Christ-like manner, carry out the Developing Christian Character Policy.

  9. Support, and work well with, the Preschool Guide and the entire team at Bethel Community Education.

  10. Share preferred Professional Development opportunities with the School Director, take part in approved opportunities, and give honest feedback of their value.

  11. Meet bi-annually with the School Director of Bethel Community Education regarding formal check-ins / reflections.

  12. Aid in the preparation of equipping learners to hold Portfolio Conferences 2 times a year.

  13. Inform the Preschool Guide and School Director of pertinent information involving a Bethel Community Education learner and/or family.  

  14. Participate in any professional development the week prior to school beginning, all Bethel community events you are requested to attend, and support the team during beginning and end of year setup, take down of Bethel Community Education’s facilities.

  15. Other tasks as assigned by the School Director, Assistant Director, and Preschool Guide of Bethel Community Education.

  16. Responsible to the School Director of Bethel Community Education.

  17. Requirements: This is a part-time position requiring either 15-30 hours a week dependent on enrollment. Preferred teaching certificate and / or experience with preschool age children.

To apply:

Email your CV, Resume & References to by Thursday, July 20.