Post Production Instructor

Post Production Instructor

Post Production Instructor

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Job Description

Education - Full-time

Postproduction Instructor

Compass College of Film and Media, located downtown Grand Rapids, is looking for a creative with Film and Video Post-Production experience and at least four years of verifiable work experience in the Adobe Creative Cloud Ecosystem. We need someone who is a creative and detail-oriented individual who can express their knowledge to the next generation of filmmakers and content creators.

The ideal candidate will have worked in the camera, G&E, and Sound Departments. The ideal candidate will have experience with Adobe Premiere, DaVinci Resolve, and worked in post-production editing, used After Effects to create graphics and VFX. Other tipping point experience includes 3D visual effects software like Houdini, Maya, 3DMax, or Cinema 4-D. Compass College of Film & Media employs educators for their industry knowledge and skills and how they express those skills and expertise in a hands-on classroom setting.  We offer a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Cinematic and Media Arts and have been placing students in the film and media industries almost 25 years.

Compass College of Film and Media is a Christian, Artist Friendly Media College. To us, this means that all are welcome to learn and grow together. Our core principles are biblically based which means we seek to teach our vocation with integrity and to love our neighbors as ourselves. This Instructor will play an integral role in fostering a warm, friendly environment in a manner consistent with the College’s Christian values, building community and retention amongst its students, and providing relevant and engaging instruction in a highly creative, hands-on learning environment.

The faculty position is full-time, salaried, with healthcare, dental, vision, life insurance, and a 403(b) savings plan.

Key Duties and Responsibilities:

●       Create an environment conducive to learning that aligns with Compass College of Film & Media’s standards and policies based on our description of a Christian Media College.

●       Perform lectures and labs for campus and online instruction. Teaching could be online or on-campus. Our class times run between 9:00 AM and 9:00 PM currently, weekend requirements are not often, but may happen occasionally based on film shoots and events.

●       Create and/or update curriculum and activities that meet College, accreditation, and industry standards.

●       Interact in a positive manner with a diverse student population and provide all with equal opportunities for learning and growth.

●       Demonstrate a commitment to the mission and values of Compass College of Film & Media.

●       Maintain strict confidentiality of student and college information; this includes FERPA and Non-Disclosure covered materials.

●       Grade and provide quality feedback within a week of the student submitting.

●       Have the ability to adapt to changing circumstances

●       Work collaboratively with colleagues, partners, and executive team

●       Have a sense of humor and the ability to foster a fun and exciting learning environment.

●       Be willing to learn and grow with the organization

●       Be a strong and active listener with the drive to seek out and incorporate feedback to enhance the quality of the student experience

●       Have the ability to effectively develop and execute a logical narrative flow

●       Must have highlight reel(s) that reflect skills in Storytelling, Editing and Camera/Cinematography

●       Be proficient in using software such as Office 365, Adobe Creative Cloud, and other industry-standard software.

●       Perform other duties as assigned.


Candidate should be qualified and willing to:

●       Participate in curriculum development and/or revision, implementation, and evaluation; participate in the measurement of student performance

●       Maintain current knowledge in the subject matter areas

●       Fulfill the professional responsibilities of a full-time faculty member including, but not limited to the following: teach all scheduled classes, provide instructor oversight on student projects, and be on or chair committees.

●       Follow the department course outlines; keep accurate records of student enrollment, attendance, and progress; submit student grades according to established deadlines; post and maintain scheduled office hours

●       Participate in departmental meetings and college activities and committees as assigned; although the position is fulfilled primarily in standard business hours, the instructor may occasionally work an evening or weekend

●       Design and deliver class instruction through the development of instructional plans to meet course competencies, the development of activities that support lesson objectives, and delivers the instruction as approved

●       Enable the achievement of pre-described exit competencies for student achievement and evaluation of learning by providing instruction that fosters competencies and establish student performance criteria and evaluation

●       Deliver learning-centered instruction by establishing a classroom environment conducive to learning and student involvement as well as effectively planning and preparing for classes and student success

Education and Experience Requirements of this Position:

●       A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a related field

●       Verifiable four (4) years related Post Production experience for the courses you would teach.

Supervisory Responsibilities:

●       Possible supervision of Lab Instructors, Work Studies, and volunteers.

Certifications, Licenses, and Registrations:

●       None

Competencies and Skills:

●       Strong organizational, analytical, and interpersonal skills

●       Exceptional written and verbal communication skills

●       Strong ability to proofread and edit for grammar and punctuation

●       Ability to work independently and collaboratively with teachers and college staff

●       Ability to professionally and constructively interact with students and colleagues at all levels

●       Proficiency in using software such as Office 365, Adobe Creative Cloud, and other industry-standard software.

Language Requirements:

Compass College of Film & Media is an English-based speaking institution. While other languages and cultural lexicons are respected, we maintain an English-based curriculum and communication system.

Environmental Factors/Physical Demands:

Work is performed in an office, classroom, and set environment. While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to stand and perform lectures and use industry-standard equipment in correlation to the course they teach, maintain active student and employee communication, access, input, and retrieve information from the computer system. May be subject to; bending, reaching, kneeling, stooping, and lifting up to thirty (30) pounds unassisted.

Learn more about Compass at You’ll join a skilled and close team providing hands-on education and skill set to the next generation of storytellers. We look forward to hearing your story.

Relocation to the Grand Rapids, MI area is required this is NOT a remote position.