Part-time Accountant

Part-time Accountant

Part-time Accountant

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Job Description

Accounting / Finance - Part-time


Associate’s degree preferred, or in process and/or equivalent experience in accounting.



– Ability to work independently without daily instruction of an on-site supervisor.

– Ability to work well within the committee structure of the church.

– Ability to work well with the members of the congregation.

– Member in good standing of an evangelical, Bible-believing church.


Specific Duties:


– Process payment requisitions.

– Retrieve and enter deposits, including offering payments.

– Bi-Weekly

– Process payroll for church employees who are paid bi-weekly.



– Retrieve and enter auto paid invoices.

– Enter monthly payments.

– Request information and process payroll for church employees who are paid monthly.

– Benevolence and other checking transfers pertaining to deposits and payments.

– Calculate and process all payroll taxes that are due on a monthly basis.

– Review and process credit card statement.

– Reconcile bank and internal accounts.

– Generate and distribute reports for committees.



– Calculate and process payroll taxes that are due quarterly.

– Process payroll reports that are due quarterly.

– Prepare and distribute congregational report with Treasurer approval.



– Establish cutoffs for year-end.

– Review and process accrual balances.

– Process any unused vacation pay for employees.

– Process 1099s and W-2s.

– Process payroll reports that are due annually.

– Work with the Budget Committee in preparing the budget.

– Enter new budget in accounting software.

– Prepare new blanket purchase orders for recurring payments.

– Review and adjust payroll withholdings and rates.


As Needed

– Transfer funds between savings and checking accounts as needed.

– Forward miscellaneous deposit items to treasurer for deposit.

– Serve as liaison to Budget committee.

– Serve as liaison between Bank and Deacons.

– Act as authorized signer regarding routine financial reporting requirements.


Job Type: Part-time (estimated 10 hours per week)

Location: Remote or In-person (based on your preference)

Compensation: Paid hourly on a bi-weekly basis. Rate will be based on experience.


Completed applications should be emailed to Adam Smelker at or mailed to the Church Office at:


Beckwith Hills CRC

2100 Chelsea Rd NE

Grand Rapids, MI 49505

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