ODBU Content Coordinator and Project Manager

ODBU Content Coordinator and Project Manager

ODBU Content Coordinator and Project Manager

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Job Description

Other - Full-time

Position Summary: 

Reports to the Senior Director of Online Learning. Assists ODBU leadership to ensure the comprehensive and successful coordination and growth of ODBU online learning systems through the management of the administrative and human resource processes, content acquisition and processing, marketing and social media support, and coordination of projects among multiple ODB teams and processes. 

Essential Functions: 

  1. Assist the Senior Director in the management of all academic programs of ODBU, including faculty coordination and communication, course and content management, product development, and other assigned academic projects.
  2. Monitor the performance and student feedback on the ODBU website. Ensure that the site functions as designed and monitor the successful completion of issues that arise.  
  3. Assist in the development of contractual relationships with vendors, faculty, and alliance partners. 
  4. Refine administrative practices for tracking students, recruiting students, and subscription growth.
  5. Plan, coordinate, participate, and contribute to the growth of the Conversations section of the ODBU website.
  6. Oversee the development and ongoing execution of live, cohort-based courses on the ODBU platform.
  7. Manage the ODBU project list and report on missed deadlines or delays.
  8. Monitor all outgoing communication to ensure professionalism and compliance with standards.
  9. In conjunction with the Senior Director, monitor approved dashboard statistics and make recommendations on results.

Enrollment Growth, Admissions, and Marketing

  1. Working in conjunction with the ODBU Marketing Specialist, ensure the development and delivery of print and online marketing materials within brand standards.
  2. In conjunction with the ODBU Marketing Specialist, ensure aggressive social media and other marketing efforts and monitor results.
  3. Judge the effectiveness of marketing strategies and initiatives and make recommendations for modifications as determined by results.
  4. Provide email content and copy editing for all external communications.

Assessment, Reporting, and Miscellaneous

  1. Assist the Vice President of ODBU and Senior Director in the planning and execution of a global strategy for ODBU.
  2. Work with the Senior Director to provide monthly updates on all activity including required ministry effort tracking statistics.
  3. Assist in the development of required ODBM reports to management. 

Study or Knowledge and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in biblical studies/theology or equivalent
  • Must be capable of coordinating multiple people, tasks, and details of several simultaneous projects
  • Demonstrate ability to be a self-starter and assertive in dealing with individuals/groups/vendors
  • Able to set agendas and coordinate and lead meetings as necessary to maintain deadlines and approvals
  • Capable of excellent diplomatic oral/written communication skills
  • Able to serve as “on-screen” host for select video programs
  • Experience using software for data management, word processing, spreadsheets, etc.
  • Technical aptitude and desire to adapt to new technologies
  • Familiarity with online learning management systems
  • Familiarity with academic programs and processes
  • Strive to live a life consistent with biblical principles and demonstrate continued growth and spiritual development

Internal Work Environment:

Frequent communication with those involved in the production of ODBM content.  Involves complex communication with individuals/groups throughout the organization.   Discretion, accuracy, and tact are required to successfully negotiate schedules, deadlines, etc.

External Communication Requirements:

High degree of communication relating to content providers and application service providers. Communication with contract faculty, students, vendors, contractors and other organizations may be complex.  Academic professionalism, discretion, accuracy, and tact are required.

Leadership Responsibility:

Gives guidance and recommendations for all online learning staff and projects to ensure the completion of tasks within budget and according to established deadlines. 

Stewardship of Resources:

Assists in the management of the ODBU budget in conjunction with the Senior Director.  Decisions made will have a significant impact on budget and ODBU bottom line. 

Miscellaneous notes for consideration:

Based on biblical principles, our statement of faith and the richness of our organization’s history, we will strive to reflect our commitment to diversity by honoring the ministry’s mission, vision, values/ethos and guiding principles.

Our Daily Bread strives to embody a Biblically based commitment to Diversity and Inclusion


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