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Nanny / Childcare - Part-time

Hello – I have 4 kiddos. Two sets of twins actually. Ezekiel and Octavia are 18 months old. Lola and Teagan are 3 month old. I am returning to work full time end of February. Prior to the most recent arrivals, my mother-in-law watched Ezekiel and Octavia Monday through Wednesday in my home. My sister in law watched them on Thursdays outside of our home. We are located in Caledonia area near Paris Ridge Elementary. We are looking/exploring options for childcare to assist with the additional need (2 kiddos). We are open to ideas whether that’s someone joining my mother in law in our home a day or a couple days a week, whether that’s separating the kids entirely, whether that’s outside of the home, etc. Our need remains for Tuesday and Wednesday each week. We also are open to some additional hours on Fridays as needed. 


If you are interested, know someone who may be interested in any of those days please reach out via phone or email. Willing to have multiple people to fill those days. 


Recommendations are genuinely appreciated! Thank you 😊


Brina Tiemeyer