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Job Description

Nanny / Childcare - Full-time

The Opportunity
Provides high quality care of young children in a private household, with an emphasis on engaging and promoting educational learning.  This position will be located in Grand Rapids during the school year, and Holland in the summer months.

Normal work hours would be Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 6:00pm, with a total of up to 40 hours per week. Flexibility is needed to work outside of the normal hours on occasion. Occasional weekends and travel will be required. Full-time position.

Culture of Care
RDV Staffing provides domestic, household and property related positions predominately in West Michigan. We recruit only the most skilled and dedicated people who are service-oriented, collaborative, adaptable, and who possess the highest level of integrity. Our employees experience a meaningful workplace where they can make a valuable and appreciated impact in the household(s) that they serve. Full-time employees of RDV Staffing are eligible for a robust healthcare program, 401(k) plan with a generous 7.5% match, time off, and other meaningful benefits.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Tends to daily basic physical, emotional, and safety needs of children.  Must be knowledgeable and experienced and possess a genuine love of children.
  • Assist children with homework and school projects in an engaging and helpful manner.
  • Performs basic household duties, including but not limited to: load, run, and unload the dishwasher; wipe down surfaces after activities, snacks, and meals; place dirty clothes in hampers; and load, run, and unload the washing and drying machine.
  • Ensures children are prepared for appointments and activities; assists with getting children dressed and helps with their hygiene routines.
  • Provides transportation to children as required by their schedules. Drives family vehicle, adheres to motor vehicle rules, regulations, and speed limits at all times, and adheres to route preferences requested by parents. 
  • Assists with preparing healthy snacks and meals, focusing on nutritional needs of the children. 
  • Maintains orderliness, cleanliness, and safety of children’s rooms, play areas, and common areas; organizes personal belongings.  Ensures that all games, puzzles, and toys are in proper working order (including replacement of batteries), contain all pieces, and are packaged properly.  Encourages children to keep play areas clean and orderly.
  • Oversees and coordinates play/recreational activities, play dates, parties, outings, and special projects; observes and monitors children’s playmates/friends when the family is hosting and entertaining guests.
  • Carefully develop, research, and propose lesson plans and educational activities to encourage learning and development for the children.
  • Plans and participates in a variety of activities with children; including creative play, educational learning, arts and crafts, games, outings, etc.  Reads to and with children.
  • Proactive in handling assigned duties, anticipating needs of the children and family, utilizing time wisely when the children are sleeping, and noticing items that could use more attention in the household.
  • Conducts walk-through of residence at the beginning and end of each shift to ensure children’s personal belongings and toys are stored appropriately, confirmation of following day’s work schedule, communication of pertinent information to parents and nanny staff.
  • Travels with family in capacity of child care provider; packs/unpacks the children’s clothing, personal items, and toys for travel.  Travel is coordinated by the Household Manager.   
  • Enforces good manners and discipline; complies with parents’ child-rearing preferences.
  • Runs child-related or household errands and/or orders items online as needed. 
  • Performs general household organizational duties; including organizing closets, drawers, bookshelves, etc.
  • Performs special projects as requested in order to ensure overall smooth and efficient operation of household.
  • Retains any applicable receipts for credit card purchases; submits credit card receipts and documentation for reconciliation.  Completes online expense reports when needed.
  • Promotes good communication with parents and household staff concerning daily lives of children; exercises open verbal and written communications with parents.
  • Provides weekend coverage one to two times per month or as needed.

Elements of Success

  • Degree or equivalent experience in education or child development field required; previous nanny experience preferred. 
  • Previous experience planning creative play and educational learning activities for children.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite, technology, and the Internet.  Basic knowledge of Apple and Mac products preferred.
  • Responsibilities are conducted primarily in the home(s) of the client of RDV Staffing.  While an employer/employee relationship exists, it is important that employee is genuinely committed to contributing to a happy home environment.  May be required to “pitch in” to perform a household task not specifically outlined within this job description, always keeping in mind the care of the children is the highest priority.  
  • Must be willing to be flexible in work hours during unexpected schedule changes, extended travel periods, and emergency situations; overnights may be requested.
  • Must remain focused on childcare at all times, providing not only physical care for the children, but also develop a friendship with them, act as companion, respect their feelings, build trust, and provide a positive role model, always cognizant that young people’s lives are greatly influenced through words and actions.
  • Must be committed to contributing to children’s spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional, artistic, and physical development, provide comfort and guidance, warmth and security on an individual basis.
  • Must be a responsible, dedicated, and dependable person of highest integrity; neat and tidy in appearance; organized and reliable; cheerful and positive in attitude; exhibit pride in service provided; and demonstrate a genuine love for children.
  • The family’s privacy is of critical importance; highest level of confidentiality must be exercised at all times.
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