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Praise Team Coordinator Job Description


last approved by SPRC: 02-18-2021




About Rockford United Methodist Church – We’ve been serving the Rockford area for over 150 years loving God and loving one another as we serve Christ together. Our mission is to be a welcoming family of worship, growing in our faith, reaching out to serve others, and  spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. Our current staff works well together and we’d like to have you consider joining us too. See for more information.

Broad Statement of Responsibilities – We have two services each Sunday, and our PRAISE TEAM COORDINATOR is responsible for the music in the second more contemporary service. This    includes leading the praise team on Sundays, coordinating music, and working with the   Worship Design Team for planning. Our overall goal is to develop a growing contemporary    worship ministry, both spiritually and physically, that honors, guides, and leads people into a closer relationship with God and one another.



            The purpose of the PRAISE TEAM COORDINATOR is to accomplish the following:

                        a) Provide a quality worship experience that isn’t a personal performance but invites others to join in and participate in worship.

                        b) Provide an upbeat, modern worship experience that includes the newest music currently being heard on contemporary Christian radio.

                        c) Build a team of volunteers who rotate on Sundays so that everyone can serve some Sundays and worship some others.

Time Commitment / Accountability – 30 hours per week, which includes: worship, practices, and meetings, and other church events as necessary. The worship coordinator currently leads the contemporary service on Sundays. Each staff member is directly accountable to the Pastor and to the Staff-Parish Committee.


Compensation – Rate is based on person’s experience and the church ability. Weddings, funerals, and private lessons may be paid separately. Flexible Spending Allowance may be available.


 Personality Qualifications

            1. Cooperative and maintain a positive attitude working with a team.

            2. Able to communicate in an effective manner.

            3. A willingness to be caring, flexible, and helpful to others.

            4. An ability to handle stressful situations with grace.

            5. Someone who is self-motivated requiring little supervision.

            6. Someone who is willing to ask for help from others when needed.

            7. Should be willing to live up to the “expectations” of all staff at Rockford United Methodist Church which include big picture consideration, communication, commitment, confidentiality, and competency.

 Physical Qualifications

            8. Physically able to perform the assigned work.

            9. Physically able to lift 40 pounds.

            10. Able to use computers and software programs.

            11. Has previous music and worship leading experience.  

            12. Should have appropriate musical skills (keyboard or guitar) for congregational  worship leading, including the newer worship songs (top 100 CCLI and newer.)


Spiritual Qualifications         

            13. Should be a Christian – a believer and follower of Jesus Christ.

            14. Should want to love and care for others as Christ loves them.

            15. Should want to show grace to others as Christ has shown to them.

            16. Should have the Spiritual gifts of: administration, music, and caring.

Leadership Qualifications    

            17. Uphold and positively support the mission, vision, and guideposts of Rockford  United Methodist Church.

            18. Must be able to work with other staff and directors concerning the music needs of the congregation, including children and youth.

            19. Must act as a direct representative of the pastor, which may require putting aside personal wishes for their own.

            20. Must work the current instrumentalists to develop their skills and help them worship God more fully.

            21. Must purchase supplies as needed and fix things as able, working with the budget and using the reimbursement policy.

            22. Must find replacements when not available for Sunday worship.

            23. Must put together a ministry that supports the purpose and goal of this position by: 1) finding volunteers, 2) delegating whenever possible to others who are qualified, 3) working with others as needed.

            24. Must keep all areas organized and ready to use.

            25. Must support participants in the worship area by meeting spiritual needs, praying for and with them, and following through on promises made.

            26. Must operate with the overall goal of loving God and loving other so that they may become deeper disciples of Jesus Christ.

            27. Must be willing to attend training events that support the music ministry of the church.

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