Marketing Communications Manager

Marketing Communications Manager

Marketing Communications Manager

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Job Description

Marketing - Full-time

Position Summary:

Work with the Director of Marketing Communications – U.S. Ministry Storyteller to create, implement, and oversee communications that effectively describe and promote Our Daily Bread Ministries and its products. Develop key marketing management strategies and programs for the assigned Our Daily Bread Ministries efforts and initiatives. 


Essential Functions:

1.    Maintain and guard the ministry’s brand voice and build familiarity with our audiences through the development of consistent communications that are encouraging, conversational, and clear.

2.    Manage the research and development of marketing copy for publication of products, ensuring consistency of brand and messaging through a variety of media platforms.

3.    Provide print and digital copywriting and marketing communications for all Our Daily Bread Ministries’ efforts including, but not limited to direct mail campaigns, print and digital newsletters, brochures, book and video copy packages, catalogs, web, event and promotional displays, emails, social copy, video descriptions, and special marketing projects. 

4.    Thorough in knowledge of products, target audiences, and competitor activity in the market. Brainstorm ideas and concepts with marketing teams and individuals involved in specific projects.

5.    Maintain documentation of copy development processes and ensure accuracy of all copy written. Utilize copy management systems to provide updated documentation of all copy. 

6.    Provide support in developing communications with the community and media for events, public appearances, press releases, etc. Ensure that all communications reflect a positive image and effectively outline appropriate action that will be taken in the event of a negative occurrence.

7.    Identify, track, and report on each project’s scope and timeframe. Develop specific process flows for each project and make recommendations on process improvements.

8.    Working with the Senior Director of Marketing Operations, develop tactical plans and processes to ensure the strategic plans move forward.

9.    Manage the monthly member offers ensuring that all copy for letters and cards accurately reflects the Our Daily Bread Publishing resources and encourages our audiences to order.

10.    Manage the Our Daily Bread Publishing new release lists ensuring that each new resource has a complete marketing copy package. Includes monitoring lists for additional reprints and large print versions which need additional and/or updated copy.

11.    Along with the Director of Marketing Communications – U.S. Ministry Storyteller, aid in shaping and implementing impact storytelling internally and externally for the U.S. Marketing Team.  

12.    Manage freelance copywriters, as needed. 

13.    Serve as backup for the Director of Marketing Communications – U.S. Storyteller, as needed.


Study or Knowledge and Experience:

●    Bachelor’s degree in marketing, business, communications, or a related field required.  

●    At least five years’ experience in professional communications.

●    Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

●    Must be creative and imaginative in expressing product concepts, descriptions, and promotions.

●    Must be capable of coordinating and keeping track of the details of several simultaneous projects and consistently meet deadlines.

●    Must be capable of strategic and tactical marketing effort planning and implementation.

●    Strive to live a life consistent with biblical principles, engaged with the Bible on a consistent basis and demonstrate continued growth and spiritual development. 


Internal Work Environment:

●    Frequent communication skills will be required to deliver understanding on complex marketing efforts to various groups/ministry efforts and individuals throughout the ministry.  

●    Will be a liaison between marketing and the various ministry efforts in the areas of copy and marketing management. Positive negotiation skills required.


External Work Environment:

●    Must have excellent communication, including discretion and tact, to discuss and gather information from individuals and groups outside of Our Daily Bread Ministries to develop and implement marketing copy for individuals and groups throughout the organization.

●    High degree of influence on the public. Responsible for copy that will be read by a broad public audience in both print and digital formats that will greatly influence how our public views Our Daily Bread Ministries.


Leadership Responsibilities:

●    Manages and leads projects with multiple teams and functions so that all involved fully understand the event and project goal(s), expected results, required services, and deadlines.

●    Makes vital decisions that will affect the impact of the ministry efforts and the results of specific marketing campaigns.

●    Coach and mentor Copy Team with the expectation of taking on direct reports, as assigned.


Stewardship of Resources:

●    Responsible along with the Director of Marketing Communications – U.S. Ministry Storyteller for managing efforts within the copy budget. 

●    Effective copy and brand recognition will have a direct impact on the financial performance and bottom line of the ministry. 



Our Daily Bread Ministries is a nondenominational nonprofit with staff and volunteers across the globe and resources distributed in 150 countries and in more than 50 languages. As a global ministry faithful to biblical principles, our commitment to diversity is reflected in our ministry’s mission, vision, values, and ethos. 




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