Manufacturing Operator - Second Shift (Starts at $18/hr)

Manufacturing Operator – Second Shift (Starts at $18/hr)

Manufacturing Operator – Second Shift (Starts at $18/hr)

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Job Description

Mechanical - Full-time

Department: Manufacturing

Direct Supervisor: Manufacturing Team Captain

Pay: $17 – $23/hour
+ $1,000 sign-on bonus for full-time employees after 30 days
+ $1,000 annual tuition reimbursement for all eligible employees

Hours: Monday – Thursday, noon – 10:30 p.m.

Tekton needs an impressive Manufacturing Operator to physically transform our products through operations like vibing, pad printing, CNC cutting, and laser marking. You must be able to do this work consistently, accurately, and quickly while following our established procedures and meeting quality standards.

Some specific role responsibilities

  • Work at a fast and error-free pace that meets the needs of the Fulfillment Center
  • Move and track physical inventory from bin locations to work cells and back
  • Assist in the design, setup, and optimization of new and existing processes
  • Work with the Manufacturing Team Captain to manage and replenish work cell resources including consumables, fixtures, and tooling
  • Develop and execute preventative maintenance tasks on manufacturing equipment
  • Deeply understand our quality expectations, and take action when products don’t meet the standard
  • Follow strict inventory procedures and participate in regular cycle counts as needed
  • Keep your work cell and surrounding areas clean, organized, and safe
  • Give feedback about our current processes and help the department create a culture of continuous improvement

Physical requirements

You must be capable of repeatedly lifting 20-45 pounds, occasionally lifting up to 90 pounds.

Education, experience, and skills

You do not need a specific degree or job history, but a background in lean manufacturing, fulfillment, distribution, assembly, shipping, quality control, or related fields could be helpful. You must be able to use basic technology effectively, like email and our warehouse management system.

Location and hours

This is an hourly position located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Full-time and part-time positions are available on first or second shift. Part-time employees are required to work an average of 20 hours per week.

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