Male Resident Assistant

Male Resident Assistant

Male Resident Assistant

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Homes Giving Hope Job Posting: Resident Assistant

Homes Giving Hope is a Christ-Centered living community providing opportunities for uniquely abled adults seeking to live a more independent life.

JOB SUMMARY: The Resident Assistant (RA) will live at Homes Giving Hope, providing light support, guidance, and community to the residents who are in the property.  This position acts as a role model, mentor, and friend.  

  • Residing in the property is a requirement of this role due to the unique living opportunities provided by Homes Giving Hope and the amount of supervision/support required.  

  • Providing community and social opportunities to residents during evening meals, devotions, activities and a time to connect.

  • Be an active participant in the care of the property, participating in and supervising house chores by residents who continue to develop these necessary life skills.

  • Support residents in their social interactions, healthy relationships, boundaries, conflict resolution, and trouble-shooting as a part of continued growth.

  • Learn about the interests and general needs of each resident, providing support in a way that promotes independence.

  • Work with Homes Giving Home staff to provide a healthy, safe, and positive environment.

  • Support residents in areas identified by the Plan for Supporting Needs, communicate needs, challenges and opportunities for growth to HGH staff and residents’ families.

  • Uphold Christian values as outlined in our core values.

REPORTING RELATIONSHIP/TRAINING: The Resident Assistant will be provided with training, support and an established structure/routine in the home. This position will work closely alongside the Coordinator of Residential Affairs (CRA) and HGH team.


  • Free, private room, shared bathroom, shared living areas, all utilities, evenings meals 

  • Agreed upon weekly stipend to provide support and community to residents (Stipend is based upon availability and schedule of RA)

  • Two paid weekends overnights “On-Call” per month (Friday/Saturday 10PM – 7AM).

**This unique opportunity is perfect for individuals with a heart to serve and passion for helping people of all abilities reach their full potential.  As an added benefit, it also allows you to save money for your future and be a part of a growing ministry.

If interested, send a resume and letters of recommendation to:   


For questions contact: Kay Wood 616-916-8130