Maintenance Manager

Maintenance Manager

Maintenance Manager

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Job Description

Building/Construction - Full-time

The Opportunity
This “hands-on” leadership position is responsible for executing and overseeing the daily interior maintenance functions of two immaculate private estates located in Ada and Holland, Michigan.  The ideal candidate would have a maintenance background and knowledge of household systems and equipment such as HVAC, electrical, lighting, plumbing, appliance repair/maintenance, carpentry, generators, etc.  This is an exciting position for a leader in the maintenance field to work within a highly collaborative household environment.

Culture of Care
RDV Staffing provides domestic, household and property related positions predominately in West Michigan. We recruit only the most skilled and dedicated people who are service-oriented, collaborative, adaptable, and who possess the highest level of integrity. Our employees experience a meaningful workplace where they can make a valuable and appreciated impact in the household(s) that they serve. Full-time employees of RDV Staffing are eligible for a robust healthcare program, 401(k) plan with a generous 7.5% match, time off, and other meaningful benefits.

Duties and Responsibilities


  • Manages and directs work of full-time Property Maintenance team members at both homes.  Communication is key to success in supervising.
  • Leads by example, communicates expectations with members of the team, and fosters a mentorship environment to continually develop maintenance staff and keep team accountable.
  • Oversees contracts, schedules, and supervises independent contractors hired to perform household maintenance related tasks.
  • Works closely with Estate Manager, informing of important issues and proposing creative solutions that impact the properties.
  • Collaborates with other team members by actively participating in staff meetings.

Household Maintenance

  • Maintains expert knowledge of all interior household systems (heating and cooling, lighting, appliances, and equipment) to ensure optimal efficiency and operation.  Maintains written maintenance schedule related to all systems. 
  • Conducts regular maintenance inspections throughout residences and properties.  Performs minor repairs and arranges for major repairs with appropriate contractor(s), including paint, flooring, pest control, fire protection, and septic systems.  
  • Regularly monitors all mechanical equipment (HVAC, plumbing, water softener, generator, refrigerator, ice maker, electrical, elevator, and snowmelt) to ensure optimal efficiency and operation.  Replaces filters, lightbulbs, and other parts on equipment. Ensures doors are well-oiled and squeak-free.
  • Maintains cleanliness and operation of fireplaces, chimneys, and dryer vents.
  • Works effectively on any interior-related special projects (i.e. renovations, remodels, property updates).  Serves as Maintenance Manager, keeps projects on track to the intended scope, budget, and timelines; and works collaboratively with other members of the household team as needed.
  • Regularly checks and maintains house exterior and outdoor mechanical equipment (i.e., eaves, gutters, windows, lighting, gates, fountains, pond equipment, flag poles, etc.); cleans and repairs as necessary.
  • Inspects wood and stone conditions of exterior and interior of residence(s); makes repairs, paints and/or stains for general touch-up and special projects as needed.
  • Oversees maintenance of hot tub, pools, waterfall, water features, and spa.  Ensures optimal cleanliness of these areas at all times; monitors water levels, temperature, heaters, pumps, and chemicals; backwashes filters.
  • Maintains cleanliness of mechanical rooms.
  • Serves on the snow plow team and assists with snow removal services; assists with clearing driveways and walkways of snow leading to residence and ensures walkways are maintained in a safe condition at all times.
  • Oversees transferring of furniture to storage and between homes.  

General Responsibilities 

  • Consults with the Estate Manager on any maintenance-related purchases or supplies or equipment.  Ensures all expenses are within established business expense standards and approved by Estate Manager.
  • Assists with holiday decorating and special events/parties at the properties (i.e. Christmas lighting, table set-up/tear down, etc.).  Collaborates with other household staff to ensure all aspects of the event are coordinated.
  • Maintains a positive working relationship with team members; must be a team player and willing to help other team members.
  • Picks up/drops off people or cars at airport locations.
  • Assists other household staff as needed on a priority basis, i.e., moving furniture, lifting heavy objects, cleaning, etc.
  • May be responsible for consulting on interior property and household system maintenance at other family homes.  Report findings to Estate Manager and/or Principals.   
  • Performs special projects at request of Estate Manager and/or Principals.

Elements of Success

  • Minimum 8 years of property maintenance or related experience.
  • Previous management/supervisory experience required.
  • Knowledgeable and skilled in certain trades, such as mechanicals, HVAC, plumbing, appliance repair, electrical, lighting systems, painting, etc.
  • Proficient computer skills.
  • Dedication to and encouragement of team atmosphere.
  • Must be a responsible, dedicated, dependable, and self-directed person of highest integrity; organized and reliable; positive in attitude; and one who demonstrates pride in service which he/she provides.
  • Ability to see the big picture, anticipate needs, and initiate projects accordingly.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Strong multi-tasking and organizational skills.
  • Ability to interact professionally and effectively with all levels of management and staff.
  • Must be attentive to details to assure the properties are presented to “Five Star” quality standards.

Additional Requirements

  • Responsibilities of position are conducted in home(s) of the client of RDV Staffing.  While an employer/employee relationship exists, it is important that employee is genuinely committed to being part of the household staff team whose goal is to positively contribute to a collaborative home environment.
  • Preservation of a peaceful household atmosphere is essential.  Responsibilities must be carried out with minimum intrusiveness into activities of the family.  This requires flexibility and ingenuity with sensitivity to privacy of family members at all times.
  • Equipment will be provided by employer.
  • The family’s privacy and security are of critical importance; the highest level of confidentiality in the business and personal matters of client must be exercised at all times.

Essential Physical Demands

  • Required to wear employer-provided uniform when applicable.
  • Required to wear appropriate employer-provided safety equipment in performance of job.
  • Ability to lift fifty (50) pounds to a maximum height of six (6) feet; occasional lifting to eighty (80) pounds.
  • Ability to stoop, bend, kneel, climb, and remain standing on feet for lengthy periods of time.
  • Ability to work outdoors in all types of weather conditions.
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