Life Skills Coach / Mentor (Ongoing Hiring)(

Life Skills Coach / Mentor (Ongoing Hiring)(

Life Skills Coach / Mentor (Ongoing Hiring)(

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Job Description

Caregiver - Part-time

 I had no idea how well IKUS equipped me for the professional world until I began my first career job and surprised myself by how prepared I actually felt. IKUS provided me with hands on experience with a multitude of disabilities and personalities. I quickly learned how to redirect challenging behaviors, be creative with interventions for fine/gross motor skills, social skills and coping skills, empower individuals and to maintain composure in overwhelming and tasking situations. –Kristen, CTRS, Skill Building and CLS Mentor

Joining IKUS Life Enrichment Services as an employee will give you the opportunity to model, mentor, and empower individuals with disabilities, helping them develop their skills and independence through community inclusion and participation.

Skill Building Mentors work in a group setting to develop consumers’ social skills and vocational skills. This program helps clients develop vocational, safety, leisure, relationship, and leadership skills by working from the goals in their Person-Centered Plan.

CLS Mentors work one on one with children & adults with disabilities. CLS Mentors work in the individuals home and/or community settings to help with assisting, reminding, observing, guiding, and/or training in a wide variety of essential activities. Some direct care assistance and following of behavior plans may be needed. 


Starting wages of $15.00 includes state premium, subject to change.

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